The only rights we have are those rights which we claim by nature through our own efforts. Nature does not set one person above the other. The child of the King may set himself higher than others and in doing so that becomes his act, his declaration. When the other children approve and recognize him that recognition becomes their act and in doing so they become worthy of being subjects! They don’t need to do this but they do!

The Communists say that equal labor entitles a person to equal enjoyments in life. So enjoy life! But if you have labored and then let your enjoyment of life be taken away from you — then that too is your act! If you take the enjoyment it becomes your right. If, on the contrary, you only desire it without laying hands upon it — it remains just what it was before, a well-earned right which you have earned but refused to claim.

The communists affirm that the earth rightfully belongs to those that till it. That the harvest belongs to those that harvest it. I would like to add that it belongs to the person who does not let it be taken away from them. That it belongs to the person who can hold onto it. Possession is 9/10 of the law!

We see this acted out over and over again in many times and places. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and the ability to hold on to what belongs to us! Don’t give your power away!