Some people say that we have natural born rights, rights that belong to us by simply being human beings. You could call them hereditary rights or any other term that’s convenient. We might think of these as rights that we enjoy that have come from our parents. Perhaps our parents were wealthy and we enjoy a good education and many of the finer things in life. Perhaps we are born into a poor family and enjoy the right to work at minimum wage jobs!

There’s another group of people, and I suppose that I belong to this group, that believe in earned rights. That a person has the right to keep those things that they have honestly earned.

Now you see a big war between these two groups! The one group says that we are born equal and have equal rights as human beings. The other group completely ignores natural born rights and focuses exclusively upon earned rights, those things that we earned through our personal efforts. There is bickering and arguing since neither side will ever give in to the other.

So what happens is that somebody more powerful comes along and takes everything away from both of us! They believe that might makes right! And they laugh at the other two groups in amusement.

Now I could leave it at this, but I won’t. I believe in the nonphysical worlds or astral realms and over the past several years I have dreamed about anything significant before it manifested as a physical event in my life. My experience has convinced me that things will happen in the astral planes before they will manifest in the physical. Dreaming about these events before they happen in the physical has become so routine that I no longer question it.

So the true solution is to develop the spiritual self, the soul and its powers so that you can protect yourself spiritually and magically against those that might be physically stronger and more powerful than you. Strength of soul and spirit is much more powerful than physical strength!