There are two types of mysticism. One is healthy and one is unhealthy. Healthy mysticism is organic Gnosticism. It is the wisdom inherent within the cellular structure of all living things and its connection with human awareness, the ego, the watcher self or the soul. Healthy mysticism allows a person to perceive the nonphysical energies in a way that helps us discover the infinite possibilities hidden within the present moment. This is awareness of sensory data from nonphysical sources such as the emotions and intuition as well as direct perception of self-evident realities.

Unhealthy mysticism is living in your head in a reality that is no longer connected to physical reality or to the needs and requirements of your physical body. You can’t achieve the things that you desire in life if you’re not living in life! This means not living in the past and not living in the future! You need to live in the present moment!

Unhealthy mysticism involves surrendering to an external authority and sacrificing one’s personal power to that external authority. The entire concept of sacrificing one’s personal power to an external authority is completely flawed! There is always a win-win situation when we follow our own internal authority! When we do what we were born to do the rest of the world rejoices and supports us! There is no conflict! There is only win-win!

The most healthy type of mysticism is living in one’s heart and listening to the still small voice of conscience and the Christ spirit that dwells within every human heart. This is where you begin to integrate all the other aspects of who you are. This is where you meet others in the most real way possible. This is where true sharing begins!