Occasionally something happens in life that most would consider a miracle. These events are awesome and fearsome displays of physical power and endurance that seem superhuman to us or unnatural.

The mother that lifts a car to save a child is one type of this experience. In this type of experience thought does not enter. There is only the child and the need to save the child.

There are variations of this where people are saved from drowning or from burning buildings. In each variation people risk their own life and health without thought of personal safety. Their concern is totally focused on the person they need to save.

Another type of miracle is the “berserker rage” where some invincible power comes upon a person in the middle of a fight or battle. Such warriors were thought to be touched by the gods and unbeatable in battle. They are able to overwhelm the opposition with the fury of their attack.

A variation of this is anytime a person gets their way by overwhelming all opposition through force of personality. These people are so sure of themselves that they never doubt or think about whether they are right or not. The thought never crosses their mind and they are very difficult to stop. They know they are right and that rightness fuels their actions.

Some institutionalized people with mental and/or emotional disorders show another type of miracle. At times these people can perform feats of superhuman strength like kicking out a 10 foot high window, ripping leather work shoes apart barehanded, and taking plumbing fixtures off walls without tools.

Others can perform strange feats of cunning like picking locks or knowing the birthdays of hundreds of people and not even be able to dress themselves. These are the idiot savants.

Somehow these otherwise handicapped individuals are able to focus effort and will long enough and with enough force to perform things we think of as superhuman.

Still another type of miracle is the type of performance expressed by professional athletes and martial artists. The martial artist can break blocks of wood or bricks bare handed by striking them in a special way with a special force.

The Olympic athlete is continuously breaking new records in what it is possible for the human body to achieve. They are constantly doing what has never been done before.

These people repeat a series of actions over and over until the action is automatic. The body performs the action without conscious thought and awareness or rather by a special type of awareness and focus that has been developed.

What do all of these “miracles” have in common?

They all exhibit some type of action we consider superhuman, some superhuman strength, stamina, agility or resourcefulness. In each case the action is performed without conscious thought or awareness but instead with a type of instinctive body awareness. In each case there is a terrific intent and focus of energies toward a very specific goal. This is an unthinking focus.

In these actions the entire being is directed into the physical activity. Nothing is held back. There is no room for doubt or hesitation of any kind.

From this we learn it is possible to perform physical action without conscious thought. Driving a car might be one example and doing our job might be another. These are tasks become so routine our body does them without our full attention or awareness. The behavior becomes automatic for us.

To achieve a physical goal we not only physically perform the needed actions but we perform those actions until they become automatic for us. We perform the physical actions automatically without even thinking about them.

Proper habits and behaviors will lead us toward our goal even when we are not thinking about our goal. When the brain shuts down training takes over. Become trained and then stop thinking and let our training carry us through to the final goal.

Be tightly focused toward one goal and only one goal at a time. Master one skill until it becomes automatic and only then attempt to master another skill. Energy and efforts must not be diverted but contained. At the very least have separate distinct efforts and actions for each goal and keep these efforts and actions separate from each other.

Finish what we start and put closure on those things we have finished. If there are three things to do, the proper technique is to concentrate only on one action and bring that action to some type of closure. Only then go to the next action and concentrate exclusively on that physical action and bring it to some type of closure.

As an example one hour of the day might be reserved exclusively for making business calls. Another hour might be reserved for reading and answering incoming mail. Yet another couple hours might be spent on project development and design.

By doing only one physical action and skill at a time and bringing each to a proper closure a miraculous amount of work can be accomplished in a short period of time with a minimum of wasted time and energy. If a person writes three pages of a book every day they will have written three books in a year’s time.

If a person writes twenty pages one day and five the next and nothing else for a week no momentum is built up and each effort to restart takes added effort and energy. The person without momentum and habit will rarely accomplish the goals they want because they never have enough time or energy to work toward those goals.

The last factor toward achieving miracles is to put everything we have into what we are doing. Believe intensely and follow through until a conclusion is reached. No halfway or halfhearted measures will ever work. Put everything into the achievement of our goal.

By keeping these things in mind we can achieve miracles in our own lives. List those goals that we believe in and resolve to achieve them.

Resolve to a course of physical action that will lead to the achievement of our goal. By breaking each action down into small specific physical tasks and setting aside a specific time for doing these tasks they will get done in a timely manner. We train to do what needs to be done. Then we let ourselves do it.

Last break away from each task after the allotted amount of time and bring a closure to concentrate totally on the next task. In doing a task our full effort must be on the accomplishment of that task. We should not be thinking about some other task. Be tightly focused on each goal and give that goal everything while working on it. When we are done with it we leave it completely.

If we have several goals we must make certain a portion of each day or each week is devoted toward the achievement of that goal and a momentum established. These actions must become habit.

Time must be made and set aside for family and social life. Each week include a social activity and a family activity that is planned and followed through on. Good intentions do not count, only physical actions count. Time must be made and set aside for hobbies and special interests.

It must become habitual and automatic to devote time and energy toward each goal in life. Work is not the time to think of family and don’t bring work home to family. All of these goals must be attended to separately and habitually until life and success become automatic to us. Our entire life can become a miracle.