The Tantric practice of working with male sexual orgasm energy for the development of the soul and its powers is problematic and that’s why I have kept it for last. As before the stated goal is to generate sexual orgasm energy twice a day over long periods of time.

The problem is that this can’t be done without the Tantric practice of sperm retention! Each sperm is a battery full of life force energy and the idea is to discharge the battery while leaving the sperm in place. These sperm are recharged overnight and able to be used the next day and the day after that. Sperm loss requires the body to generate more sperm which is lost more quickly than it can be generated.

I realize that contentious know it all’s will violently argue this point. I’m not interested in arguing. I have personally generated sexual orgasm energy twice a day continuously for seven years! I know that it can be done. I also know that I couldn’t have done it without the Tantric practice of sperm retention. It is very difficult to do as it is. What’s more, I know that this is purely a mechanical process because I didn’t follow any other path, ritual or practice. It was the generation of this energy alone that drove my spiritual development and still drives my spiritual development. Generating sexual orgasm energy twice a day will fill the body and that energy will be discharged into the astral during the night as explosive dreams. This dream activity is of an empowering nature although it may at times be violent.

The process itself is simple but difficult. Try to bring yourself to the peak of orgasm and hold it there without ejaculation. Squeezing the pelvic and uric diaphragms tightly shut are the traditional ways of controlling this. Think of the male that has gotten a vasectomy and how orgasm would work for him. It is essentially the same thing.

Holding oneself at the edge of orgasm and letting the pressure slowly fade away will gradually open astral channels which will allow the sexual orgasm energy to bleed off into the astral without ejaculation. As one becomes more skilled they can send the energy up the spine and to all of the energy centers or out the crown chakra into the universe or into one’s physical or astral sexual partner. This is something that takes practice, practice, practice! The loss of sperm isn’t the end of the world either. But a very real truth is that learning the skill of prolonging orgasm and channeling the energy is very useful for a pleasurable sex life! With practice orgasm can be prolonged for over an hour and one can experience multiple orgasms! In essence the male is learning to have a female type of orgasm which energizes instead of resulting in energy loss. This skill makes one a better lover! Think about it!

Male sexual energy is buoyant and will rise up through the body whether one circulates it consciously or not! Meditation and consciously moving it is not necessary like it is for the female. It will find its own path through the body, hitting repressed packets of negative emotional energy and cause them to flare up and discharge. In other words it will work to unblock the body’s energy channels in a natural and automatic way. The activation of these trapped energies will act to free the repressed energy and bring it into conscious awareness or cause it to be acted out in psychotic behaviors. This is the traditional danger of this path. But Gaia’s current entry into the new eon has caused much of this activation to already be released. The entire population is going crazy because of the release of repressed and toxic energies. Going crazy is not the danger that it once was.

This rising of male energy is why so many males are head trippers and also prone to mystical thoughts as in the patriarchal religions. This spirituality or head tripping is natural to the male but not natural for the female who is much more grounded. Consider that the prisons have mostly male populations and I have made my point. In general females are much healthier mentally and emotionally than males.

The process is as follows: the generation of sexual orgasm energy twice a day causes astral energy to be stored within the physical body during the day and released into the astral at night as explosive dreams which are healing and empowering in the long run, but a bit disconcerting in the beginning.

Another interesting thing about male sexual orgasm energy is that root chakra energy is not really sperm energy but prostate gland energy. Tapping the actual sperm energy only comes after years of working with root chakra energy. When this happens the electric tingle of energy will come from the testes themselves and not from the root chakra. This has been a major deception about working with male orgasm energy and Tantric practice in general.

Most Tantric practices involving the root chakra are tapping prostate gland energy and not sperm energy at all! When sperm energy is activated there will be a feeling like electricity flowing through the testes and often a drain upon them as this powerful chakra actually opens up and allows its energy to pour forth. I worked with sexual orgasm energy for over 20 years before tapping into the true sperm energy.

The male orgasm works with both the root chakra and the energy center of the testes themselves although that final energy seems to be channeled directly from a energetic sun or energetic Gestalt spherical in nature which is within the nonphysical planes. In other words the testes tap into an even deeper source of energy than the root chakra.