Make Your Physical Actions Count Today!

We all know the feeling of working hard all day and not getting anything done. At least it seems that way. We don’t need to keep spinning our wheels through ineffective actions. Study the experts and champions to find out how they do it. This is the research part of any goal. Before you can do it your way you need to understand how other people have done it in other ways.

Nature in the evolutionary process explores all possible options. There are no good and evil choices in nature. Everything is explored and success is rewarded. Failure to thrive leads to stunted and abnormal living situations.

We can apply this to our own lives as well. Are we enjoying a rich and rewarding lifestyle that we are comfortable with? Or do we live in stunted and abnormal living situations that are slowly choking our spirit and will to live?

For thousands of years the “Collective Soul” of the human race has worked for the good of the entire human race. This meant holding some people back until the rest of us could catch up. Society and culture had the final word on how far a person could go in life.

With the Internet things have changed. The human race has gone global! For the first time ever you don’t need to have the support of local community to become successful. You can gather the support you need from the far corners of the earth and you can support others as well. We can’t even begin to comprehend just what this means.

There is a level playing field now and everyone has the same chance to make their mark in the world. Politics and social institutions still exist but as dinosaurs that are fast on their way to extinction. People will loose interest in them as they increasingly prove incapable of coping with today’s social problems.

Self-sufficiency and survivalism on an individual basis are going to replace wasteful government handouts. Family is going to take care of family. Local community is going to take care of local community. The solutions to humanities problems are going to appear at the grass roots level or not at all. Those waiting for government bailouts are going to be hurting. The policeman is never there when you need him, but he is there to fill out the paperwork after the fact.

Survivalism doesn’t mean being able to live off the land. It means being secure in your ability to feed and clothe your family and keep a roof over their heads in the winter. It means having a job that is not going away to China or Mexico. It means being able to find a different job if your current one does. Survivalism means physically doing whatever it takes to survive.

This is a time to put down roots so you can be strong and support others when they need you. Keeping yourself strong allows you to be there for others. This is not selfishness. It is staying alive!

Cautiously explore every opportunity that comes your way and test it for response. Putting effort out and not getting anything back is a waste of time and energy. Study the results you do get and refine the process to get even better results.

Long term goals might not bring in immediate money but they should bring in something. My long-term goals are to make a living as a writer. I’m not making much money now and I’m not trying to. My focus is on getting readers. If I was not getting readers I would not continue producing this material.

Success grows out of success not out of failure. Each small success leads to deeper understanding and insight into what changes need to be done next. Everyone has an area in life that is working for them. Expand that area to include others and see what happens. Make your physical actions count!