Main Divisions Of The Astral Planes As Elemental Energies


FIRST CHAKRA ENERGIES (first electron ring)

Body of “light”
1st veil

SECOND CHAKRA ENERGIES (second electron ring)

Animal and Human group souls
Plant group souls
Cosmic Awareness
“Soul” body
“Christ Consciousness”
2nd veil

THIRD CHAKRA ENERGIES (third electron ring)

Spiritual “illumination”
Mental “illumination”
Archetypal ideas
Directed thought
Mental energy source
Mental objectivity
Death of emotions
3rd veil

FOURTH CHAKRA ENERGIES (fourth electron ring)

Emergency explosive emotional thought
Destructive emotional thought
Speculative emotional thought
Realistic emotional thought
Bright and happy thought
Love emotion
Love obsession/repulsion
Two way communication
One way communication
Withdrawal into loneliness
Emotional abandonment
4th veil

FIFTH CHAKRA ENERGIES (fifth electron ring)

Revolutionary forces
Celebrities “crash & burn”
Public service and recognition
Spiritual pride
Everything goes right
Spiritual power source
Battle of “good” vs. “evil”
“Born again” experience
Bitter-sweet experience
“Light” self
“Dark” self
Astral world
Energy source
Barriers and limitations
5th veil

SIXTH CHAKRA ENERGIES (sixth electron ring)

Magical power
Depression & inactivity
Will power
Social restrictions
Zest for living
Sex pleasure/wealth
Sense of “self”
Life span & destiny
6th veil

SEVENTH CHAKRA ENERGIES (seventh electron ring)

Etheric double
Possible futures
“Fixed” Akashic future
Instinctive awareness of immediate environment
Seventh veil

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