Magical Power And Bions

When a crystal is struck physically or by light it may give off electricity. This is called the piezo-electric effect. Living cells give off bions when they are stressed or when they die. These bions are small particles of astral energy created from the breakdown of chemicals within the living system.

Emotional energy is one form of bion but mental energy, spiritual energy, sexual energy and physical energy are all forms of bions produced by the human body.

Each chakra center creates and functions with its own type of bion associated with specific organs of the body. Bions don’t really have their own energy. They are astral creations and draw energy from physical substances.

They also draw energy from light and from the earth. Emotions are largely produced by the digestive system in the breakdown of nutrients to create energy. Mental energy is generated from the firing of nerve synapses and depletes the body of potassium and sodium.

We experience the movement of bions within the body as emotions and other types of astral energy including thought.

The human body creates spiritual, mental,emotional, sexual and physical energy through the chemical breakdown of compound molecules and cellular tissue.

Any type of magic energy depletes the body of vital nutrients. The energy is created from the breakdown of chemical bonds in molecules stored within the cells in the body. This is why many people are so exhausted after magic workings. Their physical body has been doing all of the work. The cells are releasing the energy as bions.

There are others sources of bions as well in the environment. Burning incense, candles, or heating potions do the same thing and create bions that circulate in the room adding catalyst to the magic working. Wilhelm Riech observed that the destruction of organic matter created bions and Orgone energy.

He also observed that bions and Orgone energy clustered around living things, especially plants. These bions could be collected and their effects would be more intense. The effect of Orgone energy, bions or magic energy is the same. It acts as an accelerant and speeds up or ages what ever it comes in contact with. It will cause a chemical reaction to happen more quickly. It will cause radioactive material to decay more rapidly. It will find the weak spot or illness and attack it. It uses things up and the physical body needs to replace the depleted material.

At first there is a toxic quality to working with bions and astral energy. As the body becomes more efficient at replacing its energy reserves the toxic effect goes away and is replaced by a vitality. The vitality is increased magnetism as the physical body draws more nutrients to itself and expels toxins more easily and rapidly. Increased vitality also increases the available energy stored within the body to be used at will.

In healthy people the magic practitioner seems younger because new fresh nutrients are being drawn into the body at a faster rate than normal and waste material is effectively eliminated easily and quickly. Bions act as a tonic to keep the body healthy by making everything function at an optimum level.

The body is created to act like a sponge strongly attracting and drawing in what it needs and forcibly ejecting toxins. It needs to be emptied and it needs to be filled up again. Maximum health can be attained through hard work and exercise on a daily basis.

In magic work it speeds up the attainment of some desired object or goal. In protective magic it can neutralize toxic energy by aging it until it becomes harmless. In this manner we see that bions drain stored energy from physical objects and people to maintain their own existence.

Bions will accumulate in certain objects as well as in physical bodies. At other times they float randomly near the earth’s surface carried by the water and wind. Bions are astral formations capable of sustaining themselves by drawing energy from light and the breakdown of chemical compounds as well as drawing energy from the earth.

In practical terms the quantity of bions we have available for magic use determines the voltage and charge of our available magic energy. The type of bions determines the type of magic we will be able to perform.

Bions will simply float around us as an emotional or astral cloud unless we have an astral body developed to control and direct the flow of bions. Without an astral body we can not control these bions and make use of them. The exception to this is that our Shadow and our HGA are fully functional and independent entities with astral bodies. In the beginning it is either one of these that will make use of our magic energy. This is why an important magic task is to integrate our Shadow or HGA.