Magic, Mystery And Madness

Have you ever fallen in love with the mystery and elusiveness of magic? Do the shadows make your pulse jump? Does energy work fill you with an intense pleasure?

I know that over the years it has done this for me and much more. What yearning can possess someone to seek initiations into secret societies and secret knowledge? There is a hunger in my soul that only magic can fill and this post is for those people like me.

In the subjective world of magic everyone perceives differently but there is one universal truth. Once you have experienced something magical you can recognize when other people talk about similar experiences, even when they use different words and concepts. This is such a broad subject and there are so many places where one could start.

I’ve chosen to begin with magic and its ties to physical reality. Contrary to what many believe, magic is for those seeking material manifestations and intense physical living. It is not an escape from reality, but an intense immersion into physical reality.

Magical energy is generated by the physical body. It stands to reason that anyone seriously interested in magic must take good care of their physical body and treat it as the temple which it truly is.

Extreme living is the norm for magical practitioners. Often excessive, compulsive behavior is needed to develop the magical powers of the soul. Think about it. An intense energy drives people who are serious about magic.

So what is magic? It makes me almost puke to to hear “change in conformity with will” or some other garbage.

Let me tell you what I’ve heard from sources I trust. The Rosicrucians claimed that H Spencer Lewis, former Imperator, was able to manifest gold through alchemy in a public demonstration. Joseph Weed mentions that a Rosicrucian master manifested physical roses that fell in an auditorium. These roses had stems that tapered into points. They were not natural flowers.

These statements clearly state physical manifestations are possible. As a Rosicrucian of over 20 years I’ve studied the techniques claimed to manifest these things. I have not had such impressive results. I hope to someday find conclusive proof of this one way or another. In the meantime I would like to share that the world is currently in a magical battle and that ordinary magical practices no longer apply.

What I have personally experienced is powerful transformative techniques that have changed my life. These have been magical in every way. I have also experienced precognitive dreams on a regular basis which proves that physical events must happen astrally before they manifest physically.

I have also experienced lucid dreaming in which the outcome of an event was altered through will and magical effort. There is no doubt that such dreams altered the potential outcome of real physical events which happened the next day.

Over the past twenty five years I have developed all astral bodies and their powers. I currently function in multiple realities. The astral planes are no longer theoretical, but actual and I experience them every moment of my day!

In summary, astral work or dream work can and does alter physical reality before it manifests. That is enough for me to believe in the value of magical workings and the validity of astral phenomenon.