Lost In The World Of The Mind

As we continue the philosophical study of pure abstractions and archetypal images we become addicted to living in our heads. We are attempting to build a mental understanding of the entire universe from the bits and pieces of illuminations and insights that we receive. Our goal is to create a perfect reflection of the cosmic realm, a mirror image inside our minds that reflects the world outside of us.

However, the developing image is very distorted. We are a long way from home and all alone. There are no familiar landmarks and the entire region seems an abomination full of horror and madness. We sense insanity lurking around the corner. There are no emotions, no color, no sound and no form.

Nothing is sacred. We now live in a realm were only ideas exist. These ideas keep coming and they have nowhere to go. We still identify with our physical body and human ego. But that bond is weakening! Our core self, our prime awareness now exists in our heads and only once in a while interacts with the physical world out of necessity. Our sense of identity is in the process of shifting from ego to superego. This viewpoint is shifting from that of a single human being to a multi dimensional personality that exists on many levels of reality.

When this shift occurs we have the ability to perceive the nonphysical worlds and the physical world at the same time. This permits us to explore different timelines, probable realities, past lives, future lives and probable events blending them all together in a living creation of the present moment.

This level corresponds to the so-called akashic records of mystical teachings. As we perceive the subtle blending of all these influences moving together in harmony we begin to understand the karmic need for violence, bloodshed and death. These are the consequences of past, present and future actions working themselves out on different levels of reality.

Where harmony does not exist violence is the only means for awareness to leap across the Chasm and assure the greater harmony of the whole. Lightning strikes when there is no other path. The balance will be struck one way or another.