Logic And Reason Can Only Take You So Far

Logic and reason can only be taken so far and there are limits beyond which they cannot go. Do you know what happens when your mind fails? When you leave the world of form, the material world and live entirely in your head. When you are dead to the physical world and move around conducting your worldly affairs like a zombie. From the purely physical point of view these people would be considered insane or severely troubled. They are emotionless, stern, solemn and constantly caught up in their own thoughts. They are not really there. The lights are on but nobody’s home. I’ve been there and done it!

These people have eliminated all personal desire and lust for life. There is a strong feeling of death and stagnation. They no longer have any desire for creative effort. They live in total self absorbed darkness. Even the desire for spiritual light is absent. Detached from their surroundings and from themselves, they are completely folded in upon themselves.

They have gone too far and there is no going back. They see nothing, hear nothing, and say nothing. All of their energy has gone inward in a total effort of spiritual selfishness. They seek only personal salvation and care nothing about others. They have no compassion or feeling at all. They are people that have used yoga, magic, meditation or prayer for personal salvation and nothing can reach them. Now they are exploring the darker areas of their souls. They have gone too far and realize they are in trouble. In a desperate attempt to remain sane they freeze and try not to move in any direction at all.

This is a crisis point upon the spiritual path. For those whose intention and karma is pure they will continue to move forward into the light and receive the baptism of the holy Christ spirit. Those who refuse the spiritual light cannot go any further. They have nothing to live for. All they have is a huge ego that shuts them off from others. They work only for personal gain and belong to the black brotherhood. They fear the abyss and death of the personal ego that lies ahead of them.

Those that reach toward the spiritual light recognize that compassion for others is a sacred duty and a holy trust. Spiritual selfishness must be eliminated with the death of the false ego. These mystics stand on the brink of the great abyss. There is a sense of impending doom as the last bit of false ego cries out for survival. This is the brink of human consciousness. They are virtually at the very edge of their minds. Logic and reason cannot go beyond this point. There is a strong feeling of tension. There is expectation of an important advance but nothing happens.

The tension is unbearable with the tug-of-war between pure spirit and matter. They are drawn toward God across the abyss but fear the death of the ego because the ego cannot cross this abyss. They have tasted union with the Holy Spirit at their baptism and now they desire to merge with God. But the spiritual bridge will not allow conscious awareness to cross it. Finally the deep longing in their heart wins and they plunge into the great abyss.

They take this plunge again and again until the false ego is totally destroyed. The personality is gone. There is no sense of self. It takes courage and determination to achieve permanent union with God.

It requires long hard work and the spiritual bridge will only allow short moments of union with God at a time. It will only allow brief glimpses, thoughts, and inspirations. Gradually the mystic acquires the ability to achieve these insights at will and the day comes when their awareness will cross the abyss for brief periods at a time.

The feeling of crossing the abyss is indescribable. They plunge into the arms of the great cosmic mother. They are surrounded in love and all embracing feminine warmth. They lose themselves in holy bliss and rapture because they have truly achieved salvation. They know that spirit is reality and matter is illusion. This is the spiritual dawning of a new day and a new sense of self and awareness. This is the Golden Dawn.