Freedom is a powerful word and it evokes powerful images within each of us. To each of us freedom may be something different. Freedom is a need and it may express itself in many ways to many forms of life, not only human life. Freedom may be expressed as:

The need to be free as a falcon. The need for family. The need to hunt. The need to kill or be killed. The need to fly and soar. The need to find our own true will. The need to live and die with honor. The need to be true to ourselves at all costs. The need to live according to our conscience. The need to find the master within.

When we grant others personal freedom and respect we have the right to demand the same freedom and respect be granted to us. There is a great difference between the concept of live and let live and this concept. In the freedom concept we acknowledge that others have a need to act in the manner they choose. We also acknowledge that we have a need to act in the manner of our choosing.

Most importantly we acknowledge the dynamic necessity of each of us living in the same world. The concept of live and let live is passive and carefully avoids the placing of value or morality on any type of life. It denies the need for any conflict in life. In the use of this live and let live concept we avoid the need for giving our support to others. This concept is one of withdrawal and isolation. Live and let live does not work.

Each one of us is a unique individual. We each have personally experience things others have not experienced. We know some things from first-hand experience that others only speculate about. The people and environment in my life are different from those in anyone else’s life. The differences exist even to those closest to me because my world is seen through my eyes and their world is seen through their eyes.

Everyone must walk a unique and individual path in life. One person’s weakness may be another person’s strength. There is no way to say that anyone’s path is better than any other path.

Nature has ordained that all paths must be walked so that we may discover which paths are the best. We must be able to be supportive of those that walk a path different from ours.This is especially true when someone’s path is in conflict with our own. The concept of live and let live does not allow or encourage the support of others. The concept of allowing each to have personal freedom does allow this.

There is a need to acknowledge the rightness of competition. There is a need to be able to say may the best man, woman or team win. There is a need to acknowledge the dynamic vitality of life. There is a need to be united in the mutual need for freedom as opposed to just passively letting everyone do their own thing. There is a need to become involved in the lives of others and in community. There is a need to create an environment for others so they can flourish in a supportive atmosphere.

There is also at times a need to tell others to back off and alter certain behaviors that are disruptive or harmful. At times there is a need to confront others. At times there is a need to fight for what we believe in.