We are going to talk about the connections between literacy and the soul. I mentioned that conscious awareness and life itself really depends upon having both some type of a physical body, along with a nonphysical body or energy body. Together they create what’s called a resonant circuit. Now it’s true that souls can exist without a physical body for quite a bit of time, up to thousands of years. But they will gradually fade back into light unless they find a physical body to strengthen themselves and renew themselves.

I mentioned three types of people that seemed to be emerging around 5000 BC in the same geographical area of the middle east. True mystics are actually original souls that were created along with Gaia or the earth and have evolved with her. I also talked about the appearance of the other two groups which I call rational atheists or the materialists and those I called the false prophets or social enforcers.

Both of these groups represent alien souls or foreign souls that have entered in physical life. They were not originally native here but their alien souls have become born into physical bodies. So their souls are in physical bodies and that’s why their soul characteristics are different than those with native souls.

The true mystics or organic Gnostics are the only original Gaia inhabitants and the only original souls that have evolved here along with Gaia. They’re the only ones with the creative, magical ability that both of the other groups are really dependent upon because they don’t have the organic genetic connection to their own souls. They can’t physically manifest things without the help of the organic Gnostics. So they have enslaved the organic Gnostics to do their work for them.

The souls and genetic connections of the organic Gnostics or true native inhabitants have some of the characteristics of the materialist or the rational atheist souls, because they can also be extremely rational but the rational atheists see only light and dark. Only the physical and material world exists for them and because there is no other nonphysical world for them their spirituality takes the shape of community existence.

They are the hive minded people that I’ve talked about. This collective oriented drive for a harmonious society or human collective becomes what is spiritual for them and what they live for.

In contrast the false prophets or social enforcers are very warlike and they have a deep awareness of the nonphysical astral realities and spiritual planes that they have experienced in the past.

The astral is actually showing the tracks of their past as a traditional destiny that needs to be repeated. So they are traditionalist because history does tend to repeat itself and they’re always trying to find that sacred pattern that repeats and repeats over and over again.

Now for literacy and how important a factor it played in the Paleolithic age of cavemen and women. They were able to create art, They were able to create beautiful art. So there was a process inside humanity that was developing a cognitive ability and that’s just the critical time when the other two groups came in.

These groups of alien souls came in at that time because humanity was at a critical and suggestible stage with individual awareness but not enough to develop their own sense of self. Their own sense of ego was not strong enough to really cut it on their own. So these other two groups of advanced alien souls came in and they had a war going on for who was able to take control of those native inhabitants that were just beginning to develop their own souls.

A soul is the sense of self and sense of ego awareness that dwells in the heart. How literacy comes into play here is how what was once art became hieroglyphics and what was once hieroglyphics became letters. Something happened inside the brains of the humans where they began to visualize inside their heads. They began to creatively visualize and imagine and dream. And once they developed a sense of self, or watcher self, they could actually imagine seeing themselves and see an imagined world inside their heads, inside their minds. That is when they began to think about immortality and life after death or the continuation of awareness after death because of this watcher self.

The watcher self or soul was created as an evolutionary byproduct of the invention of reading and writing. It became solidified inside as the ego, as the sense of self, and when the original Gaia inhabitants dreamed they had the ability of having a watcher self. This was a part of themselves that watched the movie screen of the dream where they might see another version of themselves acting out imagined events.

The mental evolution that created a watcher self or soul for the organic Gnostics didn’t happen to the rational atheists. That group of materialists doesn’t have the ability to develop a watcher self. But what they do have is a very sharp perception of physical reality and they rely almost exclusively upon logic and reason. You will not see them using spiritual concepts or nonphysical concepts because they think that’s a bunch of baloney. What they were really after is logic and reason and the collective mind and the collective good of humanity. That is why they insist that each person sacrifice themselves to the common good because that is what they do.

Now the other group, the traditionalists, the false prophets or social enforcers are warlike. They just want to dominate and they want to enslave the rest of the world. So they are basically trying to create a narrative in which they remain empowered and the natural original earth inhabitants are not empowered. So they are being kind of sneaky about it.

Once more you have this war for control over the souls of the original Gaia inhabitants, the organic Gnostics. Now, previous to this time there wasn’t really any anything going on because everything was goddess oriented, basically the native Gaia inhabitants were guided by the feminine life giving principle. They believed that the goddess brought life through birth and that she brought death and then she turned around and brought life again through rebirth. It was so obvious that they didn’t even doubt it.

But after the invention of reading and writing and after the beginnings of this first sense of self things began to change. This first ego. This first sense of awareness of self was a game changer. The two other groups were very patriarchal and anti-feminine and this was their chance to take control of the evolution of the human race.

This anti-feminine trait is another key characteristic because the original Gaia inhabitants were balanced and had balanced their male and female energy all the way down through the DNA. It was in balance all through their genetics and they were able to integrate their own shadow aspect and higher self.

None of the other groups could and that’s the difference. The organic Gnostics are the only group that can draw fire down from heaven. They are the only true Prometheus’s if you will. That is why they have been so chained and repressed. Like Prometheus they were chained because the rational atheists and social enforcers didn’t dare give them true freedom. It is only now after all these years that the organic Gnostics are taking their own power and their own freedom back into their own hands!