Limitations Of Language

As children we gradually move from an animal awareness into an awareness of self as a human being. There are recognized stages of child development that many of us are familiar with. Each of these stages of development have to be completed before we move on to the next. At first we deal with personal limitations and our developing ego grows and adjusts to confront and gradually accept these limitations.

Some of these limitations are sexual because we are born as male or female and experience aspects of life in very gender specific ways. To deny this is idiocy. At the same time it’s important that we balance the male and female that exists within each one of us. So what I’m going to do is describe limitations that might normally be characterized as male or as female and then offer a synthesis that is more balanced.

So many times in our lives we struggle with words, not being able to express the depth of our emotions and the real intent behind our actions. It’s easy to feel that no one understands us, that no one listens to what we are trying to say. Gradually we learn to accept that we have a unique perspective and that there are many things that will forever remain secret because we simply can’t share them.

All too often we expect others to understand us and have insight into our personal feelings and situations. We want to think that our loved ones know who we are but the reality is that there are parts of ourselves that no one else can never know or experience. Not even those we love.

Now the things that I’ve shared above are things that I can relate to as a male. This is how it was for me. I’d like to share a different perspective that I call the female perspective. I guess it’s because some things are easier for girls and some things are easier for boys. But words seem to come easily for girls. People are struck by their innocence and perceptiveness and they listen to what she says as a child. Often her words sting with truth. She has the wisdom of a goddess in a child’s body and believes that all things are possible. Good things can happen to everyone and she is kind and sharing. She is optimistic and has the ability to do whatever she wants. Sharing emotions comes easy for her.

Please understand that we have all of these things inside of us, some more strongly than others. This is part of a series of posts in which I contrast opposing and opposite perceptions and life experiences and try labeling them as male or female. The important point is that I’m trying to describe opposites in a healthy way that each one of us can relate to through our own life experiences and memories. Sometimes words get in the way and sometimes the intent behind the words is strong enough to carry the meaning across!