Like A Rock

There are times in life when we need to stand fast, resolute, and invulnerable like a rock. In times of assault and trial we feel the need to stand true to our inner convictions, true to what we believe in, in the face of death itself.

At such times we are like a rock in our faith and it is a source of strength to us. This is a sound defensive strategy. It is easier to take a defensive position and resist all attacks rather than attack a superior force or opponent.

It is sound judgment to let the opposition work itself out and deplete its energy while we retain ours through a tight defensive position.

This concept of standing like a rock has a very solid foundation in physical reality and draws strength from physical reality. It also shows the wisdom of caution and non-aggression while remaining true to who we really are.

Due to the hierarchal nature of life, as we develop our own personal power we earn the right to a better position. A position in life that holds more options for us and more chances for fulfillment. This means we may eventually take over a position that someone else already holds.

All positions within the hierarchy are always filled. As soon as a position becomes vacant the proper person fills it. Our struggle to advance becomes a threat to those who currently hold the position we are striving for and they will fiercely resist, not out of malice toward us, but in the interests of self-preservation.

They wish to retain the position they currently hold. It is popular to believe that the advancement of our own interests and pursuit of happiness should not be a threat to anyone else. The truth is that nature is always filled to capacity and the finite world we live in will not grow any larger.

When we advance someone else somewhere loses a little space. The opposite is also true. When someone else somewhere loses a little bit there is an opening that we can advance into. This happens naturally as people in the workforce age and retire leaving empty positions to be filled by younger people. The difference between these two methods is profound. The first is aggression and open attack for power and position in life. The individual attempts to force his or her will upon others.

The second method is when a person stays at his or her current position slowly and gradually gaining personal power as little openings present themselves and at the proper moment in time when a person in a higher position retires or withdraws that newly vacated position is offered to us. In this method there is no fighting for position and power because it is naturally recognized which person is proper for the new position.

There is no need to attack people who hold positions we aspire to. In the fullness of time and when it is appropriate that position will become ours if it is meant to be. It is wise to be content with our own growth and personal evolution and not threaten people.

There is no need to attack them. They may even at some point attack us simply because our increased energy is becoming a threat to them. Let them draw the first blood.

Many times they feel trapped in positions that are becoming too much for them to handle and they want to find a way out. Attacking us is often a way to hasten their own retirement in an honorable way. Such people feel that it is better to die fighting for something then to be confined for the rest of their living years in an old folks home as they die from a degenerative disease.

When we desire personal growth in life our actions will often result in others attacking us at some point. Our efforts toward self-fulfillment are making it more difficult for others to achieve their own personal goals. At times there is a valid conflict of interest in even the most innocent of goals. We might want what others want and they might want what we want.

To believe otherwise is to bury one’s head in the sand and refuse to see the world as it exists. To admit the realities of life is to come to terms with them in a way that treats others with respect and dignity.

In taking a defensive position and asserting ourselves a little at a time as the opportunity presents we can advance without losing respect for human life and dignity. If others choose to fight us in battle we have the sacred trust and obligation to respect their right and choice and also the sacred trust and obligation to fight back with every ounce of power and energy available to us. We can respect those we battle with as fellow warriors who wish to die in battle or go down fighting.

When others attack it is vital we hold our own against them. We stand firm to what we believe in the face of death itself. Our position is rightfully earned through the honest development of personal power and the accumulated energy of physical work. We do not need to back down.

Often those who attack us are in the position that is right for us. They no longer have the right to that position because they have abused it or have become unfit for it in some manner. These people seek to hold their position through fear and intimidation and not through personal ability. It is a moral wrong to surrender to these people when it is within our power to advance into a position that is rightfully one that we have earned.

It may be morally wrong to aggressively force our way into positions of power and influence, but it is equally wrong to avoid those positions if they are offered to us either as a gift or through the aggressions of others. It is not morally wrong to take the power away from a bully who uses intimidation and terror to achieve his or her goals.

Life situations can take on the quality of opening a can of worms. An action that seems very simple and straightforward can entangle us in a hopeless mess that will drain away our energy reserves. Those in higher positions will attempt to draw us into situations that will entangle us. These people are adept at finding any weak spots that we may have and use them against us.

The key to dealing with these situations is to remain purely defensive. Establish a boundary and don’t let an opponent cross that boundary. Be true to our own interests and keep our efforts and energies away from entanglements and lost causes.

In this way even our weaknesses turn into strengths as we gain awareness of them and are forced to deal with them in an appropriate manner. Often our greatest weaknesses when honestly confronted and owned become our greatest strengths and assets.

Do not aggressively attack for positions of power and influence. Those in superior positions will hold the advantage and turn our own efforts against us. They have the ability to twist and distort our own efforts in a way that will advance their own position. When we refuse to attack they have no means of diverting us and drawing us into unprofitable activities. They can do nothing and we can quietly continue our efforts at personal growth in peace and tranquility.

By remaining in a tightly focused defensive position we can wait out any attack and weather the storm. When the storm is over we will be free to assume the positions in life that we have earned through our own hard effort. Our enemies will have destroyed themselves by bettering themselves against the solid rock of our defense. Openings for advancements will then appear when the timing is right.


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