Early posts explained the basic science fundamentals used in the O. A. K. matrix . It would have been nice to leave the science aspect out altogether but it is even more important to understand the foundation that this system is grounded on in case questions arise.

And questions will arise! There is method to my madness as I will now proceed to trash a lot of current thinking about metaphysics. We will begin with the concept of a photon driven energy system in the center of the universe that is constantly pumping or “injecting” new photons into the universe and forcing the “old” photons to evolve into new forms of energy.

This is evolution pure and simple. The concept has been around for a long time but the process has to the best of my knowledge never been explained as well as with chaos theory. It shows a natural progression and a unity that ties the entire universe together.

Some may find the assumption that the photon is “alive” and “aware” in its own way offensive. Especially when “life” and “awareness” is compared to the “life” and “awareness” of a computer. When the power is “on” the computer is “alive” and “aware”. When the computer is “off” it is dead and there is no awareness. Anyone that really listens to some “coffee shop” conversations could argue that a computer is more “alive” and “aware” than some of the people in the coffee shop.

The important point here is that awareness constantly grows and expands into higher and more complex forms. It doesn’t really matter how it began. What matters is how it is structured. One thought is hooked to the next thought is hooked to the next thought as surely as one line of a computer program is connected to the next line. In humans though we call it “flow of consciousness”. In computers we call it programming.

The evidence as I see it suggests that reincarnation is a requirement. Human awareness was at one time photon awareness. We are “old” photons. As new photons are injected into the universe human awareness is forced to expand into new forms of life and awareness, in this case into new human bodies.

A million years from now we will still be reincarnating into new physical bodies. There is no escape from the “wheel of life and death”, nor should there be. Our personal heavens and hells will be experienced here physically. It’s time we faced up to our obligations to live responsibly and make the world a decent place to live!

As far as I know the idea of life forms and the earth itself being a huge “resonant” circuit is a fairly new one that is very obvious when you think about it. Auras and astral bodies have long been associated with the magnetic field around the body. Magnetic fields are by definition “inductive” and the physical body is obviously capacitive in nature both storing and discharging energy as well as generating it.

The “tank” current within “resonant” circuit is almost unlimited and easily fulfills the definition of “life force”. In addition a “resonant” circuit attempts to maintain itself. It “tries” to stay “alive”. This is a perfect explanation that transfers itself easily to human life and all life once we rid ourselves of the notion that “human” life is somehow more special than other forms of life.

When we consider the earth as a huge “resonant” circuit our image of the “ASTRAL PLANES” is radically altered. For one thing a tremendous “tank” current is flowing at all times through the astral planes that is compelling specific physical events. Human life and human events are of almost no importance when seen from the earth’s “long” view.

When we consider that there are 118 astral layers, one for each element it is easy to get confused and to prefer some “occult” tradition that says there is seven or eight or nine…ect. Others have suggested that there is an astral layer for every element but I have never seen a listing as in chapter eight where you can look at the characteristics of an element and try to determine what that element’s astral energy would be like.

It is apparent that the Kabalistic Sephiroth correspond to the seven noble gases, hydrogen, magnetic vortex energy, and the photon or light itself. The twenty-two paths of the Kabala correspond to the incomplete electron shells of the other elements. The Sephiroth are said to reflect objective experiences and the paths to reflect subjective experiences.

Mapping the astral planes in this way exposes new information about them. It becomes obvious that the earth’s astral planes would be totally empty if they could be. All that can become physical does. The Earth’s “tank” current is constantly trying to flush and purify itself. A tremendous current goes upward and outward repelling from the north magnetic pole. This current can’t escape the earth’s astral or magnetic mantle and curves back toward the equator at all points. Passing the equator the current continues toward the south magnetic pole getting stronger and more focused.

At the south magnetic pole it merges as unity and enters physical reality, activating and impelling physical events. Everything that remains in the astral planes is under stress that is preventing it from becoming a physical event.

The entire astral plane is a giant battle ground where competing forces struggle to outlast each other. When the struggle is resolved the astral energies “lock” the new event into the “fixed” Akashic” records and return to their respective physical bodies.

In “rising on the planes” it is seen that one’s awareness must astrally “transform” itself from one type of elemental awareness to another. The noble gases or veils act as barriers that are difficult to cross unless one has enough energy.

The normal location for the astral body in dreams should be at the lowest levels of the astral where less energy is lost and more is retained for personal empowerment. Children naturally function in dreams at these lower levels as do advanced occultists and those “at peace with the world”.

The rest of us climb higher and higher up the astral planes desperately trying to prevent something from happening to us or trying to get something that we want. While we are doing this we are wasting tremendous amounts of personal energy trying to “push” back the earth’s “tank” current. This often results in physical inactivity and depression. We live in our heads in a fantasy world that has little to do with real life. We don’t have the energy to do any more.

A common belief about the astral planes is that it is inhabited by other beings. This goes directly against the “resonant” circuit theory which requires both a physical body and an astral body for self-awareness. It is possible that as long as a physical body exists some type of awareness will anchor itself to it. This implies that we may not be able to reincarnate into new bodies until our old ones are destroyed or mostly destroyed. In this manner perhaps the dead do inhabit parts of the astral as long as their physical bodies remain intact.

Somehow people don’t want to believe that fairies and trolls and nature spirits are personality fragments of real people. In three years of lucid dreaming with an average of three dreams per night I have never experienced this type of phenomenon.

Instead I propose a very simple truth about the life forms that we encounter on the astral planes. Distorted belief systems give distorted astral images. Any astral image that is distorted reflects our own thoughts about that particular energy or person.

My dreams are almost always very life like with non-distorted images. They reflect encounters with real life people, animals, plants, and objects.

Two notable exceptions are occasional dreams of “intelligent” reptile people and spider life forms. To me these suggest that UFOs may truly physically exist and be active in some human affairs. I might also note that these “alien” life forms have affected me in a sinister way. I can not believe that these life forms have our best interests in mind.

As long as I am confessing I might add that I have two friends that are trees! Still I never had dreams about them and I only talk to them once in a while when walking through the woods. They do have physical bodies and seem more intelligent than some people that I know.

Spiritual growth is a mechanical process that requires only effort and works in spite of our self-destructive efforts.

You produce and produce this energy and pump it into the astral until it finally returns to you. The astral is a finite place and your energy build up will be cumulative. If one astral level is full your energy will transmute itself to a type of energy and level that isn’t full. If the earth’s astral level is full it will back the energy up inside yourself and develop the appropriate astral body. Because of the nature of magnetic flux lines and astral material in general, once something is created like an astral body it will tend to make itself permanently activated. It will resist efforts to destroy it or alter it.

If someone tries draining your energy away you just pump more and more into them until they are sated and can’t take any more. Then you continue pumping energy into the astral.

There is a cosmic law that requires half of your energy to go to others before you can use the other half. Any astral creations that you may build require society’s energy to activate them. Where does that energy come from? It comes from what others have drained from you! You just paid in advance. When its time to cash in the chips you are entitled to that energy because you generated it.

In this respect this is white magic. You do not take energy from others or use them in any way. The only conflicts arise when others try to stop you, and they will try to stop you. As you begin you are an innocent energy source to be exploited. As you gain control over the energy that you are generating and begin to use it constructively it won’t be available to others.

They will struggle to keep “your” energy for themselves because they can’t or won’t generate their own energy. They have a limited source of energy to fight with and you have an unlimited source because you generate your own.

These “black” magicians don’t stand a chance against you. But you will have to regain your energy back from them at some point. It might be mentioned that the astral circuits share properties similar to hydraulics as well as electronics. This is because there is only a finite amount of space available and every piece of it is already spoken for.

Your efforts will crowd out the energies of other people. It will do this in two ways. First it may impel the other person’s astral creations into physical reality whether they want it to happen or not. The second is that your energy will destroy the other person’s astral creation regardless of if it is positive or negative.

Nature doesn’t recognize right or wrong. It only recognizes energy and reacts to it. Your efforts will help some people and harm others in the sense that it will force their energy into a resolution to make room for your own.

The only way that you can be psychically “attacked” is through your own weak spots and fears. The process of generating this energy automatically brings the “dark” side of your personality into conscious awareness where you can recognize it as a part of yourself and control it. This leaves no weak spots that can be “attacked”.

The only way to describe this process is as a type of advanced “therapy” that safely and effectively purges emotional pain and trauma from your subconscious. See chapter five.

Energy appears to flow through astral creations via magnetic flux lines or “astral cords”. These lines or cords connect astral objects and entities much as wire connects the parts of an electric circuit. At times these connections can be reversed and the energy flow backwards. An example of this is in a dream where you are driving down the road and suddenly the car is pulled backward or off the road or the breaks don’t work and the movement is beyond your control. In this type of dreams the energy is flowing and overpowers your own.

Astral objects and entities represent complex and very specific amounts of inductance within the resonant circuit formed. They can be replaced easily by an equal type of inductance, but the amount of inductance within the circuit tries to maintain itself at all times.

This gives the effect of having several small dreams that build up a certain type of inductance. They are all part of the same circuit. A time comes when all the little ones can be replaced by a big one and you have a deep and intense dream at the time of the switch. This could reflect a big change coming into or going out of your life depending on the dynamics involved.