Left Hand vs Right Hand Path

Joe Bandel
2 min readDec 7, 2017

Magic Initiation involves the gradual development of the soul and its natural powers. The soul consists of several different types of energy. These are Abstract Spiritual (unity),Concrete Spiritual (intuitive),Abstract Mental (philosophical),Concrete Mental (perceptive),Upper Emotional (love),Lower Emotional (Anger),Sexual (sexuality), Physical (competency).

To become a complete person each of these energies and areas must be fully developed through intense effort and the generation of that particular type of energy.

This process is mechanical and cumulative in nature. Once a specific type of energy is fully developed an astral body is created out of that energy and the powers of that energy are available. Activity then progresses to the next level of development automatically.

In this respect the Left Hand Path and the Right Hand Path follow similar methods and strive toward a common goal. The common goal is the synthesis of all these energies into an integrated healthy individual with an immortal soul that will carry on beyond the death of the physical body.

The differences between these paths are profound. The Right Hand Path connects with spiritual energy and works from the top downward in mystical experiences or illuminations. It involves condensing spiritual energy gradually into physical energy. If you think about something long enough you will become emotional about it. If you become emotional enough about something you will be compelled to act upon those feelings. This describes the method used and includes prayer and meditation.

The Hallmark of the Right Hand Path is the integrity of the individual ego. You always remain yourself even though who you are may change drastically as you incorporate new beliefs and experiences. This path takes much longer and has difficulty with physical manifestations. Its focus is inner personal transformation and integration with the universe by adaptation.

The Left Hand Path connects with physical energy and works with physical competency upwards to the spiritual levels. The traditional martial arts are examples of this type of training.

The Hallmark of the Left Hand Path is physical manifestation through physical competency. You do what ever it takes to make things manifest even if those things go against your inner nature. There is always a sense of being compromised as you loose part of who you are to become who you want to be. The focus is to manifest physical change through acts of will.

At the highest levels a Master of the Right Hand Path will assist all students to become unique individuals. He will help them collectively through the formation of groups.

A Master of the Left Hand Path will choose one student to transfer his power to and at the death of his physical body will attempt to “possess” the physical body of his chosen student. He will form groups to find the appropriate vehicle.

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