Internal Authority Versus External Authority

Everyone has the power within themselves to find happiness by fulfilling their own individual needs and desires. This means we all are competent to fill our own needs. The spark of the Divine is within our hearts and can guide us in the fulfillment of our needs if we will only listen to it.

This divine spark has been called the Christ spirit, God of our hearts, the master within, our conscience and even the still small voice. And it is an internal authority, not an external authority. The true path of mystic power and enlightenment is when we follow our own inner authority above all others.

This inner authority already knows and understands our true will and reason for living in this lifetime. By being free to act according to our own true nature we will do what is best for ourselves and by doing the best for ourselves, we will at the same time benefit the rest of humanity. In becoming who we are truly meant to be, the entire world benefits. There is no need to conform to the demands of any external authority.

We must be free to act according to our own nature. Turning to an external authority such as government or religion or the law to solve our problems and fulfill our needs will never work. We can’t allow ourselves to be forced or intimidated by any external authority

We must remain true to our own inner self at all costs. We must not give our power away to others. This is what it means to be an Organic Gnostic. We must each make a personal choice to follow our own inner authority above all others. Who knows why one person gives up and dies while another struggles on through overwhelming odds and comes out on top? We all want to survive. But are we willing to do what needs to be done? Are we willing to become Organic Gnostics?