Interesting Times Ahead

Within the human collective only the lowest common denominator things are recognized. Anything that makes a person different or special is ignored, not only ignored, but suppressed. That is why it is so ironic that identity politics are so closely tied to the liberalist agenda. They are actually working against each other! What seems to be happening is that special interest groups are trying to enforce their views and their agenda on the public at large. That will never work!

To be a part of humanity requires nothing special from us. We all belong as equals. There is no recognition of individualism or separateness. Identity politics on the other hand are defined by how they separate and alienate one special interest group from the rest of humanity. The goal of identity politics is to enforce that separateness, think about it!

So the human collective has a natural bias against identity politics and special interest groups. In fact, identity politics and special interest groups are not simply struggling to exist against other special interest groups that oppose them, but they are struggling to exist against the will of the human collective as well!

The human collective says let’s pass a law to make things more equal! Identity politics and special interest groups say let’s pass a law that benefits us! The human collective says let’s be more tolerant of everyone. Identity politics and special interest groups say everyone needs to be more accepting of us! But we don’t need to be more accepting of them!

The only thing these two forces agree upon is that spirituality is an individual thing that must be ignored at all costs and that material possessions and wealth are not spread around equally enough. How interesting that wealth, material possessions and spirituality belong only to individuals! And with this we find the key. The human collective and identity politics with its special interest groups both radically deny individual rights in favor of collective or group rights. They all work to supress the individual!

The individual’s personal self will is a threat so they pass laws that take away free will, laws that are backed up with force or threat of force. The individual’s personal property is a threat as well so they use taxation to take the wealth and material possessions of one group and spread it more evenly among the general population. In the end the individual is left with only their own thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

So every individual opinion must be abolished or made into a politically correct collective opinion. An individuals faith, religion, thoughts and ideals cannot be tolerated and must be replaced with politically correct logical and rational humanitarian ones. All must be subordinate to the human collective!

But that doesn’t work for identity politics and special interest groups! They are using the banner of global collectivism to move their own separate agenda forward. They are trying to control the human collective by controlling politically correct thoughts and ideas. They are trying to make their own group the human collective group. It will never happen.

While this is a small snapshot of how things are, it is not complete. Identity politics and special interest groups are caught in the middle between the power of the human collective and the power of the individual. Individuals have always exerted more influence on the eventual outcome of events than identity politics, special interest groups and the human collective combined! This is the time of individuals! This is the time when the human collective realizes that it’s physical body has been taken over by individuals! There are interesting times ahead! Interesting times for true individuals!