I’m going to share something that is not commonly understood about the nonphysical realities, the astral planes and magic in general. Events happen in the astral planes before they physically manifest. I’ve experienced this personally every day. This is not theory for me. We all have the ability to modify or alter events within the astral planes before they physically manifest if we are able to function within the astral planes.

The physical body generates energy! It is astounding how much energy the physical body can produce! That energy can be injected into the astral planes in a way that will influence events before they physically happen. This has been called magic in the past, but I’m just saying that it happens. Call it whatever you want.

But the astral planes are extremely elastic and they resist change. You can generate a lot of energy and it still might not be enough to overcome the elasticity of the astral planes. When this happens the energy you generated is simply dispersed without changing anything. It won’t change anything because the astral resists change! I can’t say this enough!

You need to generate an extreme amount of energy to break through the resistance and elasticity. I will use a graphic example. When an athlete or a runner gets their second wind they are injecting raw energy into the astral planes for the first time. But the energy that the athlete is injecting into the astral planes is not enough to overcome the elasticity that it will encounter! This injection of energy into the astral planes needs to happen at least twice a day! Otherwise it’s probably a wasted effort. Don’t get me wrong, the energy that you generate during the day always belongs to you and even though it gets dispersed within the astral planes it will accumulate until there is enough so that the lunar cycle may compress it enough to break through that elasticity and resistance. But its better if you can do it for yourself.

What I’m trying to share is the importance of living intensely and the importance of generating a lot of energy with your physical body no matter what kind of energy that is! You will know if you have generated enough energy when you have vivid and powerful or explosive dreams at night where that energy is discharged. If you’re not having at least three vivid and powerful dreams a week you’re not generating enough energy to move events in a creative way!