I’m Back! Gaia Ascension Update

I have spent the last couple weeks digging into both things political and things ascension related in an effort to find where my own material fits. It turns out that I do have one missing piece of the puzzle and that it will be helpful to others as Gaia’s ascension continues to unfold.

The missing piece was revealed to me as I listened to a recent “Fade 2 Black” broadcast concerning Corey Goode and David Wilcock. The subject was about the Secret Space Program and a recent article that Corey Goode had written. As David Wilcock and radio host Jimmy Church discussed this material David added much from his own perspective which included how “The Ra Material” was essential in his own foundational understanding of what is now going on with Gaia’s ascension.

This is interesting because it was back in the early 1980’s when I first read the Ra material and I still have all four volumes on my bookshelf. It was this Ra material that directed me to research and study the physics of Dewey Larson and his reciprocal field theory. My own entire work is foundationally based upon the work of Dewey Larson. By this I mean that I use the science of Dewey Larson to explain a new way of perceiving our world and the western mystery traditions.

This means it is also indirectly supportive of the Ra material as well!

Over the past years I’ve had numerous astral battles with various entities, notably reptilian or human but some others as well. I never really got into the extraterrestrial aspect of things because that wasn’t my mission. Now it seems that I’m to become a player in this area because 2018 is the year of disclosure of extraterrestrial life and UFO’s and the battle of information is in full swing. So my focus is shifting to shine upon these things.

I don’t channel information and never have. I function on the lower astral planes and report the activity that is happening at those levels. I’ve recently had dream contact with our space brothers and sisters and have written about it in my blogs. I’m talking this time about tall humanoid beings wearing silvery uniforms. I don’t have the memory recall that Corey Goode appears to have, but I’m working on it.

Lastly, I’m going to state that Gaia is in the process of establishing herself within all densities and this includes all life forms upon her as well. Now that she has ascended into and beyond 5th density she is reestablishing herself foundationally at 4th density and this is not being noticed or talked about. It is her going back down into 4th density that is allowing so many humans to ascend with her. If she had remained at 5th density and beyond these humans would not have been able to ascend. In short, Gaia has ascended but chosen to once more stay at the lower level of 4th density to ensure the safety of all life which she loves so dearly.

In closing I would like to reference something I remember from the Ra material. It is normal for service to other beings to graduate from 3D to 4D because 4D is of the heart. Service to self beings skip over 4D and consider it not important and go directly to 5D which is pure mental energies. This entire 3D ascension skipping 4D has been a ruse by those that are service to self oriented and they almost made it! Lightworkers have turned to the wisdom of the heart just in time to save great numbers of humanity and allow them to graduate to the next level, that of 4D.

This is all acting out in 4D and many channelers can’t go there. Light body activation means 4D light body activation. What is happening within the astral is that many who have already ascended beyond 5D are returning and helping others to ascend to the higher level of 4D. This is what is currently taking place and why things are so confused right now.