There are so many things we are supposed to care about! We are supposed to care about good, about God, about mankind, about truth, about freedom, about the future of humanity, about justice, and even about our country. There are thousands of things that I am supposed to care about, but the one thing I’m not supposed to care about is myself! Why is that?

Why are we supposed to care about things that don’t concern us, that are not part of us, work for things that we are not interested in, devote ourselves to things we don’t feel are important, and be enthusiastic at the same time!

What about God? What does he care about? Does he work for things he is not interested in, things that are not a part of him, involve himself in things that are not important? Is he enthusiastic about what he does? Does God care about things that are alien to him, do not belong to him? Does he care about mankind? Truth? Love?

You tell me that he cares about things because he is a part of all things, that he created all things. That he is all things. But we are not all things, and the things that we care about are small and insignificant. That is why we are supposed to serve a higher cause!

Now I understand! God only cares about things that are a part of him, an extension of himself, thinks only about himself, and woe to anything that is not pleasing to him. He serves no higher cause and satisfies only himself. The things that he cares about are purely egotistical! But when we care about our things, things that are part of us, we are told that it is wrong!