If I cherish you because I love you, because my heart finds nourishment in you, my needs find satisfaction, then I cherish you out of egoistic pleasure because you yourself are valuable to me. You are not sacred and above all others, but you are unique and I love you because you are you! No one else can be to me what you are to me.

But others prefer that I cherish you because you are part of something higher, family, marriage, church, a fellow countryman or even because you are a human. You are viewed as part of something larger than life, not as who you really are. Mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, lover, Christian, Atheist, worker, patriot, and so on. But these are all just small roles we play in life compared to the multi dimensional beings that we really are! We are larger than the roles that we play in life! We are unique individuals!

Is it possible to get behind the mask, behind the roles that we play and discover the real person? Do we even want to? If we know someone too well it becomes hard to hate them or hurt them! If we get too close then we become vulnerable as well and could be hurt. This is a very real danger that we must confront each time we encounter another person and let them into our lives and personal space.

At the same time we need to ask ourselves if we want them to get behind our masks and discover who we really are inside. One of the greatest longings in life is to not be alone, but one of the greatest fears is to really be with someone as we really are and as they really are.

Our world is completely based upon these masks, this lying and deception. Does it really need to be that way? Can’t we be loved for who we really are and love others for who they really are?