How To Be Both Body And Spirit

As we learn to recognize the importance of our soul and the still small voice of conscience within our hearts we seek to live in harmony with it. But it’s not easy! Our false human ego is still identifying with our physical body while at the same time holding up rigid idealistic standards for ourselves and for others to live by. We have expectations for finding the perfect wife, the perfect husband, the perfect home, and the perfect job. We set our standards so high that no one can fill them. Then we hate ourselves because of our failure.

These standards are mental concepts that are not integrated into physical reality. They are unworkable. What we’ve done is leapt above our hearts into the mental realm of logic and reason. We’re living in our heads! Now it’s the ideal, represented by logic and reason, that has become supreme. Although logic and reason rule our lives they are unable to get at truth. The answers we get bring more questions. This turns into a vicious circle that rapidly gets out of control until we finally learn to stop asking questions. Logic and reason distort things. We are no longer sure of what is good and evil, sin and salvation, or illusion and reality. Our head begins to spin and our overworked intellect feels inadequate.

In desperation we finally turn to our intuition and to the still small voice of our conscience instead. The intellect can sense its approaching death just as the emotions did earlier. It feels threatened as it desperately tries to grapple with things and mentally understand them.

We find ourselves in an intellectual fog where the only voice of sanity and reason lies with unquestioning faith. We identify more and more with our intuitions, with the Christ spirit within our hearts and with faith in the inner voice of our conscience. As we do this our intellect is screaming at us to stop. It is trying to tell us that what we are doing is insane and makes no sense at all. It is trying to tell us that we are not being logical.

Trusting our intuition and the inner voice of our conscience brings the birth of a higher level of consciousness. We no longer think with words but with the symbols given in our dreams and meditations. Our thought processes become more abstract and visual. There are no longer words for what we are thinking and what we have become aware of.

The first stage is an uncomfortable struggle with logic and reason. The second stage brings the decline of the intellect and the true birth of the intuitive. We develop a great spiritual pride that our inner self has won over the intellect and physical self. This is a very dangerous time for us! We have a true feeling of accomplishment and little desire to try further but remain content to stay right where we are. This is a great spiritual plateau and we must beware the poison of spiritual pride. This level marks the boundary between consciousness and higher spiritual consciousness.

Our new consciousness with absolute faith in our intuitive self is still untamed, still a beast. It is still joined to the lower personality and to the physical body. Our spiritual vision is distorted and our intuitive self is hindered in its attempts to communicate with us. The intuitive self rules but it is an uneasy rule indeed.