How Can You Know What’s Best For Me?

How can you know what’s best for me? You didn’t grow up where I did. You didn’t have the same parents that I did. You don’t carry the same wounds that I do. You haven’t learned the same life lessons that I have learned.

But you say that you want what’s best for humanity, for mankind. You say that what’s best for humanity will be best for me as well! How do you know that? How do I know if I can even trust you? How can you act in my best interests when you don’t even know me?

You say that you don’t need to know me. The cause of humanity is greater than I am and I should be happy to sacrifice myself for such a noble goal. Isn’t that what they said about Vietnam? But wasn’t the real truth that Americans died for oil companies? Look at history and all of the wars! Think of the patriots that fell in bloody battle or struggle today with hunger and poverty; what does our nation care about them? How have they been rewarded for their service? These veterans have served for the greater good of our country, our nation, and our nation sends a few words of thanks and gratitude — and takes all the profit. I call that an example of a greater cause that looks out for itself and when it has accomplished what it intends it throws the sacrificed bodies onto the dung heap of history. That’s what we all are, bodies to be sacrificed!

This story is the same with truth, freedom, humanity, justice, and hundreds of other great causes. Their greatest desire is for you to serve them, to sacrifice yourself, your time, and your money for them because they are far more important than you.

What about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Are they not examples of pure unselfishness? Don’t they make great personal sacrifices for the good of the people? But which people do they sacrifice for? Does Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton speak for me? They each have their own individual causes and don’t care about my causes because they don’t even know me! They each have their own agendas and bitterly oppose the thoughts and opinions of anyone that differs from them.

Where is the individual in all of this? Is it even possible to be an individual in today’s world? Well I think I’m going to take a lesson from God, from humanity, from our political leaders, and all those great causes. Like them, I’m going to look out for my own personal interests. At least that way the things I care deeply about will be protected! I will protect them myself!