Happiness Comes From Within

Happiness cannot be given or be the result of material things. It comes from inside of us. Happiness is the result of healthy self-esteem, of feeling good about who we are. This is a deeply personal thing and the product of our own life choices and experiences. It has nothing to do with being politically correct or sharing common values and beliefs with others. It is not about others. It is about ourselves!

One of the most important requirements for personal happiness is to be true to ourselves, true to the still small voice of conscience that speaks within our hearts. When we do this our hearts and our minds are linked together in harmony and love. When we allow this for others we allow them to find happiness as well.

Competence and self-esteem are closely related to each other. The better we can do something, the better we feel about ourselves. We get better at things by doing them! The more we do, the more life experiences we have, the wiser we become, the more successes we have the better we feel about ourselves.

The better we feel about ourselves, the better we feel about others. When we don’t feel threatened by others we allow them the freedom to be themselves and they feel better as well! This is a win-win situation! This is all possible through healthy self-esteem, being true to who we really are, becoming competent at life and allowing others the same freedoms.

So why is it so important what other people think of us? Why is it so important to possess material things? Why is it so important to be politically correct? Why do we have to think and believe the same things and share the same values? Even more importantly, why are we supposed to rely on professionals rather than upon developing those own skills within ourselves? Why do we need external authorities?