God As Divine Counterpart

In the beginning was God. What does that mean? What or who is God? Does God really exist? There are so many questions surrounding God, and it is not humanly possible to answer them. By definition, God is beyond human comprehension. God is so far beyond human comprehension that literally we create false images of God when we try to understand. To ponder imponderables is a waste of time, energy, and effort. To try to understand something that can never be understood is to be defeated before we even begin. These things need to be said, before we even start this brief post about God.

Yet we can find glimpses of God within the universe, within creation itself. In everything. And by recognizing God in everything, we can become closer to being one with God.

It has been said that our world is simply a hologram created by us and would not exist without us. While this is true, the energy used to create our world is generated through our union with our Divine Counterpart even if it happens at a level we are not aware of.

So let’s talk about this first source of creative energy, let’s talk about God or Source!
Philosophically God or Source exists as the supreme intelligence that governs all of creation. It is the first or primal cause from which everything else is created. This is all old stuff and well worn, but the new spin on this information is that each individual soul is created in two parts. Each soul has an opposite Divine Counterpart!

To know God or Source is beyond human comprehension and always will be. But the highest we can comprehend is the divine within our Divine Counterpart! What this means is that our highest spiritual illumination or spiritual experience will always be a reconnection to our Divine Counterpart. We experience our Divine Counterpart as God or Source!

Every religion or mystery school that is a true one leads us to reconnect to our Divine Counterpart at the highest spiritual levels. This is why our connection with God or Source is always a personal one. Each one of us is connecting to our personal Divine Counterpart even when we have similar experiences. This path has been well traveled and is well known throughout the ages.

The alternative is a false god, a collective god, the lowest common denominator of what humanity considers god to be. While our Divine Counterpart urges us to be the highest and most spiritual that we can be; this false god urges us to only be human, to participate in the hive mind of humanity. This false god is the collective mind of the human race and consists only of those attainments and abilities common to all humans. The seeking is not to be the best we are capable of being, but a seeking to be the blandest and most common that we can be. In this we find the true enemy for the first time, this false god, this collective god that lies far below the true God or Source and also far below the divinity we can experience in contacting our Divine Counterpart.