Being a victim and giving our power away go hand in hand. When we blindly follow external authorities and expect them to fix our problems, we have given them power over us.

Any external authority will be destructive and restrictive. They will not have our best interests in mind. They will have their best interests in mind.

Are we to be like the soldier that murders civilians because he was ordered to or are we going to think for ourselves and act for ourselves?

There is something inside us that is weak and wants to turn power and responsibility over to external authority like the government. Each and every time we turn to an external authority we give a portion of our personal power away and become more of a victim. Each time we wait for someone to teach or empower us we loose valuable time in our lives that could be spend in active effort.

If we refused to turn our power over to external authorities and lived according to our “True Will” the world would be a much better and safer place and we would treat each other as equals.

There is an evolutionary principle at work here. It’s time we asked the question of whether it is correct to artificially support actions and behaviors that left unsupported would collapse. Sometimes people need to hit bottom before things can get better for them. There needs to be an ending with closure and consequence.

To support things artificially goes against nature and sucks resources away from healthy enterprise. Why does our society feel that it is so important to take care of people that can’t or won’t take care of themselves? Is there a place for tough love in this confusion of co-dependency?

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