The greatest gift we can give another person is to be our true selves with them and allow them to be who they really are with us. There is a big difference between learning how to make yourself attractive to somebody else and falsely trying to be someone you are not because you think it will be attractive to them. The first is simple honesty and self-respect and the second is a lie. How can a true loving relationship be sustained when it is based upon a lie?

This also brings up the possibility of attracting the wrong people by giving out dishonest and conflicting signals. Sure you can dress up and find ways to be sexually attractive to others, but if the ones that you are attracting are not the right type of people then you are in serious trouble!

Over and over it comes down to the same message, live in your heart! Live from your heart and express yourself from the heart! Your light and radiance will shine through and resonate with those that are truly attracted to you. All it takes is to believe in yourself! To have good self-esteem and a healthy ego! You will be attracted to someone that feels the same way about themselves. Why are those things so hard in today’s modern world?