Gaia Ascension Update Winding Down

I’m not saying that this is my last ascension post, but I am saying that I’m in the process of moving on because its time to move on. I’ve been writing about Gaia’s ascension since 2008 and followed her ascension timeline from 8D as it dropped down to 7D, 6D, 5D, 4D and finally entered 3D and now moves back to stabilize in 4D. The game is over and we won!

As I look back over the years at the ascension activity one thing strikes me above all others. It has always began with existing conditions in the present moment and changed not those conditions, but the energetic rules behind those conditions and circumstances. What I’m trying to say is that the changes have been invisible but profound! They have been behind the scenes and rarely caused much catastrophic disruption.

On the contrary the powers that were, the elite that desired to turn humanity once more into a world of economic slavery have been the ones that have tried to bring about massive and radical change. They have tried to create WWIII and destroy the United States of America. But they have failed! There are no massive changes on the horizon, only some arrests that will barely make the news.

In many ways the entire ascension thing is turning out to be a non event for those that don’t understand what has really happened. And that’s a good thing! This has all happened with minimum disruption of human life! Think about it! Energetically I can sense that the power of the opposition is going down and going down fast. There will be a lot of negotiations behind the scenes. Things will or have already begun to get better for the average person. Its time for each of us to begin thinking about our new life.

There is so much going on behind the scenes that we will never know about and that’s fine with me. I want to move forward and not remain stuck in conflict. To put things in a visual perspective, there was a clog in the sewer line but it has been removed so that the water is now going down the drain like it is supposed to. There is now a clear path for the ascension energies to physically manifest, but we might need to rethink what that means as well.

What if our 3D lives suddenly begin to get easier. Does that mean that 3D is no longer 3D? Does that mean that we have gradually shifted into 4D where everything seems the same but is a little easier? That’s what I believe is happening. There will still be obstacles and problems, but they won’t be so overwhelming as they used to be. Little instances of magic will enter our world and make life worth living once more. But most of us will still believe that we are really living in 3D! This change will be so subtle that most will not be aware of it. At least in the first few years.

But what about being 5D creators? What about imagining a new world and poof it appears! That my friends is what this past year has been all about! Ascension is a collective event and this past year’s battle has been a 5D battle about which collective world to create. The powers that were tried to create a mental world through the powers of the mind and spirit. We have created an organic world by using these powers and also including the powers of the heart and organic life itself! Because we have collectively created an organic world there is no major shift because it is simply an extension of the one we already live in, but the energetics behind that world have now changed and for the better!

Everything is ok and there is no need to get caught up in things, especially Gaia’s ascension!