Gaia Ascension Update The End Of Gridlock

I can’t help it! I’m back because this information is so vital to get out to people. The energy this past week has felt very blocked and stagnant and left me wondering what was going on with Gaia’s ascension. Then last night I realized what was happening and it was so simple and so profound I needed to share it!

I watched the televised meeting about DACA in which President Trump spoke with both Republicans and Democrats in an effort to get both sides working together in a compromise solution.

That was when it hit me. neither side is going to win and never was intended to win. Gaia’s ascension has never been about one side winning and the other side losing. It has been about the balance of both male and female energies, about the balance of opposing viewpoints! It is about learning to get along and working together toward a common desired goal even when it is for different reasons.

There are crazies on both sides of the political spectrum. We are beginning to see the dishonesty of the Clinton machine and perhaps even the Obama machine. This is a good thing that these crooks are being exposed to the light of day. But there are just as many honorable and patriotic Democrats, perhaps more.

At the same time there are crooks and crazies hidden within the far right that are being exposed as well. Gaia’s ascension is not about conflict and opposition politics. It never has been. It is about compromise and the belief in the goodness and honesty of our fellow country men and women. We need to learn to trust each other.

Trump is reaching out to moderate Democrats and dumping the radical side of his own party. It has to be this way! Gaia’s ascension couldn’t happen any other way! Gaia’s ascension is about embracing the opposite view, not destroying it.

The two major timelines have split and we are in this one. That means the division is over, the conflict is over! If its not over, then the timelines haven’t split! Does that make sense? So we are in this one unified timeline. What way are things moving? Which people are facing legal challenges? Why are we in a state of national emergency that deals with human right violations and the sex trafficking of children? Why are there always new articles of sex offenders on Fox news every day? Don’t you think its because something is going down? Something good!

We say that Gaia is ascending and the vibrations are getting higher and higher. Well, that means sooner or later gridlock and conflict can no longer exist! When the timelines split they can no longer exist. But the timelines have split! Now it’s time to join forces to create the kind of world we all want to live in!

My message is simple, the good Republicans and good Democrats are going to begin working together to get things done and DACA is only the beginning! That is what ascension is!