Gaia Ascension Update The Bit Coin Deception

Gaia’s ascension movement has reached the physical realms and is currently affecting global physical events. Remember that Gaia’s ascension is based upon a common collective agreement of humanity. God help us!

I don’t even care if people believe me anymore. I’m just trying to report what I sense and feel is going on within the astral planes as Gaia’s ascension continues to unfold. I’m not politically correct and never have been! What ever I share, take it or leave it.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the internet these days trying to keep up with things and then investigating them in the astral to get a feel for the energies behind the scenes so to speak. My conclusion is that the Bit Coin Deception is the final battle between the forces of good and evil.

The forces of NWO Globalism and the big international bankers have been thwarted in their plans of bringing down the government of the United States of America. But they are desperately hanging on and trying to slow things down until they can enact their ultimate scenario, Bit Coin as the global digital currency controlled by the same international bankers!

This Bit Coin deception has been largely unrecognized and you see many patriotic and truth websites calling for investment in Bit Coin! The Bit Coin deception has infiltrated the truther movement as well as the globalist movement! This is the secret ace in the hole that The Powers That Were are now trying to play to save some portion of their former power and glory.

They don’t realize it yet but their plans are doomed to fail, largely because of their own doing. I don’t need to be psychic to say this. I’m just being objective, an art that seems to be lost in these days of mass insanity. You can’t establish a digital global currency that runs on computers which can be hacked by the CIA, NSA, FBI or simple hackers that have stolen the hacking tools of these agencies! It just doesn’t work! All the new Intel chips have been compromised and hard wired with back doors so these intel agencies can have unauthorized access.

To have a digital currency you need computers that can’t be hacked! They don’t exist yet, but someday maybe they will. In the meantime the Powers That Were are desperately trying to float this idea of Bit Coin and this my friends is the final battle. I expect Bit Coin to go down for good by the spring equinox next month.

It is so sad to say this but Gaia’s ascension has come down to the battle over money! We are so much more than this! Follow your heart and dream big because we need dreamers these days!