Gaia Ascension Update Rise Of The Feminine

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a few days because it is so significant. The end of a great cycle is dominated by science and the male while the beginning of a great cycle is dominated by magic and the female.

The recent news about sexual harassment in the workplace is a good example. Where are the protests? Where is the violence? There are none and there is none! There is simply a universal “This is no longer acceptable!” and that’s it! We are seeing permanent change and its from male dominance to female dominance within our society and it is a good thing! Males have certainly screwed things up enough!

As I type these words I realize I’m not making my point clear enough. We have just finished over 4,000 years of male domination within our society and we are looking at 4,000 years at least of female domination! Does that say it plainly enough? What goes around comes around and this meteoric rise of the feminine demonstrates more clearly than anything else that the old ways are over!

We are looking at a change that is so great it is simply not comprehendible right now. But we will watch in awe as it unfolds. There is no holding it back because it has already been held back far too long.

So what can we expect? What happened at the beginning of the last great cycle? At the beginning of the last great cycle men and women were still living in caves. Dramatic DNA alterations occurred that encouraged human males to stay with human females and form families and communities.

One of these genetic changes was the ability to have sex for pleasure. The human female transformed into a seductive beauty that invited sexual pleasures at all times and not just monthly. Her breasts became more than functional and things of beauty that have fascinated artists up through the centuries. Sex became designed for mutual pleasure as each could face the other for equal stimulation. These evolutionary changes have not happened to other species but remain human specific.

In the early goddess religions the female had the strongest sense of self as the “one who brings life”. Males only held supportive roles.

In today’s modern male dominated world things are changing quickly, more quickly than we can imagine. Male dominance began with the invention of reading and writing and the discovery of the soul or sense of self. Things went from organic to head tripping and the males were so good at head tripping! Women were ridiculed for being able to do what only they could do, conceive and give birth to new life. The males mocked what was once sacred.

Now things are going organic again and we are no longer living in caves! What can we expect?

It is the discovery that the female gives birth to the soul as well as to babies! This is the discovery that will stun the masses. The development of the soul and it’s powers will be a concern of the female and at the discretion of the female. This is the power that today’s female will take up. It’s already happening! Women will no longer allow sexual abuse.

We can reasonably expect some pendulum swing that goes a bit too far, just like it did for the males. Then things will balance out again. Spirituality will be in the caring hands of women and in loving hearts. If you are in balance there is nothing to fear!