Gaia Ascension Update Resolution Of Energies

I’ve been enjoying the four day weekend and thought I would spend some time catching up on Gaia’s ascension. I checked out my usual information sources and to my annoyance couldn’t find anything interesting or useful. So I decided to check things out for myself. I’m normally a step ahead of the channelers anyway since I function on the lower planes and they don’t.

Everything was energetically stuck! Gridlock everywhere! Now one of the things I have issues with is gridlock. Something’s got to give and I can usually make something give when I put my mind to it. So I’m messing around in the astral pushing and pulling and prying around. I was also asking for intel and updates on what was going on with Gaia’s ascension. Not getting much for answers I shifted to checking in on my own posting activities to see what affect they were having in the big picture of things.

I noticed the energies going out like a tentacle and then realized it was a worm hole that was plugged by some black energy which I tried to eject. This is all basic shaman work by the way. The black energy became hard and shiny like a gemstone and wouldn’t eject. It remained embedded within the lighter astral substance. As things became clearer and more in focus I realized that it was like a city or a dome that contained a city beneath it. It was a protected space.

Now I never got the impression of it being bad even though it was black. Pure black energy is one of the energies that I work with. I’m going to back up a bit and explain that when I push and shove like that I’m pouring Source energy into something so that the vibrations rise enough so that something happens. Basically forcing a resolution but not really taking sides, just allowing the rise of vibrations to do what it needs to do. There are times like this one when I don’t understand right away what is going on until the energies clear things up.

So this round black gemstone like substance was not being ejected with the rise of vibrations but becoming more firmly embedded within the astral substance and becoming more clearly defined. That’s when I realized that the black energy represented my own soul group, those fallen angels that have graduated, ascended and returned to Source bringing their pure black earthly energies with them!

As things fell into place I realized that the gridlock was broken. What had caused the grid lock was the resistance of the light workers to the dark but pure energies of the former fallen angels. The light workers didn’t realize that we were all on the same side but as the vibrations kept increasing things fell into their rightful places.

The former fallen angels who had returned to Source were energetically balanced and capable of existing at far higher vibrations than the light workers who were more polarized. My soul group was taking its rightful place in the ascension line up! The end of my vision showed the end of that particular conflict.

I can only summarize by saying this vision showed that my posts were being successful in reaching out to my own soul group and helping them through the ascension process!