Gaia Ascension Update Politics And Fifty Shades Of Gray

On the one hand I don’t have much to write about concerning Gaia’s ascension movement and on the other there is so much to write about! It’s really kind of strange. Most of it comes down to the ability or inability to integrate duality instead of insist upon a conflict of opposites. People refuse to see the shades of gray that exist and it’s causing them problems!

My first example is Trump’s formal recognition of Jerusalem and the capital of Israel. This is arguably the most powerful thing he has done as president. So many people are upset because they don’t see that nothing prevents Palestine from also having Jerusalem as it’s own capital! For the first time a true win-win possibility opens up if people could only see it.

Now let’s take a look at the Democrat’s idiotic anti-Trump reactive flailing around and hurting themselves. We are now in a new age with new energy dynamics and things don’t work the way they used to. Duality doesn’t work the way it used to. Anyone that gets caught up in conflict goes down. It’s that simple! Now Trump may be accused of bear baiting, but he’s not in a fight with anyone. He simply focuses on the goal and reaches it! Over and over again! The Democrats are so caught up in opposition that they can’t see what it happening.

Lastly the Divine Feminine is in full rise and once more the issue lies with the integration of duality and sexuality and not the conflict of opposites. Some people never learn. There are balanced win-win situations and shades of gray. The Democrats are eating their own by so viciously casting out Frankin and Conyers’ in the hopes that this will create a movement that will sweep Trump out of office. No, it won’t even come close. Why? Because there are fifty shades of gray! The true predators on both sides will be exposed. But this will happen in a fair and balanced way without the over reaction that the Democrats are trying to stir up!

This entire past year has shown that the general population of sane people refuses to get stirred up and carried away by the hysteria on the far left. When will people begin to learn that you can’t manipulate people any more the way that they used to be manipulated? The new energies support individualism, not collectivism.