Gaia Ascension Update Important! The Storm Is Here!

This is an important update and will not be repeated so please take the time to read it and understand it. Effective immediately I will only be posting on my own personal blog listed above and my Organic Gnosticism Facebook group also listed above. If you are interested in any of my continued postings you will need to switch to those pages.

I’ve been doing massive research on the web the past week combined with my own investigations of astral plane activity. We are entering a radical new stage of events that involve a massive sting operation of a global pedophile ring and kabbalistic Crowley inspired occultists. This is not a good time to step into a cow pie! (I grew up on a farm!)

Anyone who has activated and been working with crown chakra energies will be ok. The focus of these raids will be people who work with third eye chakra energies and down into the lower levels of the astral planes. In other words most magic workers will be affected! This includes those that work with Shaman type earth energies.

The danger is that innocent people who have been working with these energies may be tricked or pulled into some type of activity that will get them into trouble! Follow your heart and the still small voice of conscience and the Christ spirit that resides within every human heart.

The Storm has arrived and it will burn the wicked and evil corruptness that lies within the powerful of this world. Do not let those who are about to perish use you as a tool for their own survival. It will be impossible to know who to believe or what to believe. But your own heart will not lie and love will not lie.

Bright blessings