Gaia Ascension Update Fall Equinox 2019

From an astral point of view the yearly cycle is always similar in the mechanical function of preparing events for possible physical manifestation. In the past I’ve written about both the solar and lunar cycles and how they manipulate the astral planes. But a reminder is always helpful!

In this case the autumn equinox marks the end of a person’s ability to manipulate astral events in their own lives for the coming year 2020. It seems there is always a rush or crunch at the finish line as things compete in the astral planes for last minute advancement and this year has been no exception!

It is the time period from the autumn equinox to the winter solstice that the collective gets to modify our personal and individual efforts which are either given collective support or pushed back into the astral for further refinement over the coming year.

It is the combined actions of the solar and lunar influences that really compress the astral layers and force issues into a final resolution. So the recent full moon of September 14, 2019 brought the greatest level of stress. From now till the equinox the stress within the astral will be diminishing as the lunar influence changes from compression to expansion.

But the breakthrough can happen any time within the three days prior to the full moon depending upon which level of the astral is being activated. When your level is activated things in your life will find resolution. So its not really the full moon that marks this critical point, but that critical point when your personal stuff is activated.

Mine was activated on 9/11 and during the entire day root chakra activations were almost driving me crazy! Most of us are familiar with what happens when you place Alka Seltzer in water and it erupts and fizzes. That is how my root chakra felt the entire day of 9/11! The next day things had quieted down to almost normal.

That these energetic eruptions were taking place with root chakra energies meant that the issues were very close to physical manifestation. There was no more room to alter or modify them. The sense I had was that I was neutralizing a lot of toxic and negative energy, whether it was my own or coming from somewhere else. I was being bombarded with negative toxic energy and dealing with it the best I could. This was the final resolution and there were no appeals. Anything that I couldn’t neutralize would have to be experienced in physicality.

What does this mean in terms of Gaia’s ascension? It means that a lot of energetic last minute resolutions occurred at the lowest levels of the astral planes, those areas where channeled messages can’t see. A lot of low level toxins and negativity was safely transmuted and are now gone from this world!

So for all intents and purposes we now await the collective judgement of humanity as it decides what the year 2020 will bring. Remember that significant physical events are always determined at least one year in advance in the astral planes before they are released for physical manifestation. That means that this fall, over the next few months humanity is determining the outcome of the 2020 presidential election! The rest is just letting it all work itself out.

This gives added weight to the IG reports that will soon be coming out and any other reports that are due before the beginning of the year. In any case it looks like October is going to be an explosive month for a collective awakening!



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