Gaia Ascension Update Fake News Awards

Sometimes I write about insights and understandings that I receive during the day and other times I sense and witness actual astral happenings that I share with my readers. Yesterday was that type of day. Something major happened in the astral planes that strongly affects Gaia’s and humanities ascension and it is still so vivid and clear that I need to share it.

Yesterday, Wednesday, while at work I was really out of sorts and cranky. I was tired of all the BS at work, in my personal life and globally. I could literally sense the pressure of thousands of people who thought very differently than me, who thought collectivism and globalism was the way to go instead of rugged individualism which I champion. This sense of opposition and pressure lasted most of the day and almost became a headache. I’m normally not sensitive to these types of sensations and am pretty relaxed and at peace. But there was a lot of intensity during the day.

On top of that I knew that many members of the anonymous group online were devoting the day to get the word out in support of President Trump. These individuals were generating a lot of energy through their physical actions and that energy was being pumped directly into the astral planes. Other people including myself were in intense anticipation of Trump’s “Fake News Awards” that was expected sometime during the day.

So the astral was ripe and full to bursting that evening when I got home from work. I sat down in my chair as I usually do and tapped into the spiritual light and began to explore what was going on in the astral planes. I did a anchoring light to Gaia and a healing for myself and was astrally tuning into the astral to sense what was going on with the “Fake News Awards”.

This is where it gets interesting! I could sense the energy of the MSM as a black sphere of energy that was surrounding Trump and trying to attack him. Suddenly there was a brilliant explosion of light that was like a flash bulb going off and that burst of light blew apart the sphere of dark energy completely. The black energy exploded in all directions and gradually started drifting downward as scraps or particles like floaties in your eyeballs. These scraps were individuals and they were no longer trying to solidify together, but remained separate from each other and energetically very neutral.

What had happened was that the MSM as a collective entity with its own will and intent had lost its connection to the earth and to each other. It was now only individuals that had lost their earth connection and their ability to do magic in swaying the masses!

The MSM or 4th estate has been very powerful in magically swaying the masses through emotional manipulation over the years. It was their pride and their boast that they alone informed public opinion. This past year has seen one attempt after another to trigger the emotions of the masses and create a land slide of public outrage. The MSM doesn’t realize that in these new energies entire populations can no longer be manipulated. The mob is no longer a beast that can be tamed and taught to perform tricks. Each individual is wired to Source individually and wired to Gaia individually. What used to be a series energetic circuit between people has now become a parallel circuit!

I realize the above might be hard to understand because I lack the words to say it clearly. But what happened last night was the utter energetic collapse of the 4th estate and its power to manipulate the masses is never to return. It was a major victory for the forces of light and freedom! When things are destroyed in the astral like this they are done! There magic is gone. I sense that from now on the news media will be much more fair and unbiased in its reporting. This will be a welcome relief for me!