Gaia Ascension Update Currency Reval

I’m gradually getting my head around some of these things that are now playing out in our world and how we are continuously being asked to look in the wrong direction! So here is my take on the ascension energies and what we can expect in the coming months leading up to the mid term elections.

The first thing is to recognize that the large goal is globalism run by the elite and powerful. But there is a problem with globalism. It’s dead! There is a growing recognition that the United States is becoming more nationalistic under President Trump and that trend will continue as conditions for most Americans continue to increase and become better. The Democratic party has some serious problems with the Russian Collusion narrative and they are broke. We are already seeing the narrative change.

So what is the new plan? Have the radical left continue to distract Americans from the most important goal, the globalization of a one world currency, the establishment of Bit Coin as the global currency! Problem is that Bit Coin has some serious problems. The international bankers are becoming insolvent and if they don’t act now they will lose their chance even though there are risks. Expect this to happen sometime between now and mid summer to set things up for the coming midterm elections.

We’ve been hearing about a new monetary system for years now in the ascension community, but this global crypto currency has been heralded as a good thing and not the master work of the powers that were! News flash for those that might have been sleeping. The energies of the new earth and the new age support individualism and not globalism!

So here is the scenario as I understand it. The Powers That Were are going to trigger a global collapse of the world’s banking system in the hopes of implementing Bit Coin as a global currency. This financial collapse will wipe out individual pensions and personal savings because under law banks will pay off other banks they borrowed from before they pay off individuals and they will run out of money! This is designed as the first step in crippling individuals by wiping out their savings and putting the power back in the hands of the elite. A recent article I read stated that Deutsche Bank is insolvent right now. It’s only a matter of time. This collapse will cause the money to remain in the hands of the elite so that Bit Coin can be implemented as a global currency.

Problem is that is not going to work! When the global economy collapses President Trump will do his America first thing and repudiate the national debt, something that should have happened years ago. With the America First strategies now in place the United States economy will be able to readjust to self sustaining since it won’t have to make heavy interest payments to the international bankers. It means the United States will isolate, but we are strong enough and independent enough to isolate and recover.

Without a national debt the United States will be free to create its own new currency, possibly a crypto currency of its own creation and eliminate taxes through simple charges on money transfers. Remember, the cost of things will be much, much less because of repudiating the national debt. This America first strategy will force other world countries to do the same thing to survive. This is the opposite of a global currency where each country will create its own and begin from scratch. This will be the beginning of prosperous nation states.

What we are talking about is the total collapse of the international bankers and elite and their power over global economies! This is the final drama to be enacted in Gaia’s ascension scenario. I’m pretty sure that President Trump is already making plans for all of this.

In the meantime we get to see just how criminal and corrupt the Swamp really is! These things have already happened in the astral and are only now beginning to manifest in the physical. Good times ahead! Keep centered in the heart and believe in humanity!