Gaia Ascension Update 4th Density

Joe Bandel
3 min readJan 6, 2018


I had some very vivid and interesting dreams last night. The first began with a global invasion! Let me back up a bit. The sense of this dream was of alertness and caution. It was not about fear or about an enemy. Perhaps you might call it a sense of military take over by our own country? In any case in the dream we had been informed that “they” were coming, whoever “they” were. Then people started running around and I looked up in the sky to see a large airship that was slowly landing and ropes were being extended to anchor it to the ground as if it were a huge floating zeppelin like thing. In any case it was being moored to the ground and I knew that an occupationary force would soon be arriving.

Instead of fleeing I stepped into some bushes and held motionless instinctively feeling that I would be safe out in the open if I didn’t run. So I was hiding in plain sight. Somehow I felt that it was important to hide even though I was not afraid. It was as if I were an observer.

Then the dream shifted and I was in a large crowd of people that were going to be interviewed or identified in some way by this occupying force. An older woman came up to me and gave me something that looked like a necklace or set of dog tags that had belonged to her late husband. I was to use them as my own identity. When my turn came to be interviewed they examined this necklace/dog tags and began to treat me much more respectfully. They were not going to give me any trouble. End of dreams!

This was a very deep and powerful dream full of much important symbolism. The first thing is that I was never in any threat or danger and the dream was ultimately empowering indicating good things ahead. This is true even though military occupation means a lot of restrictions and social enforcements that are coming. Being given the necklace/dog tags indicated empowerment as someone that is publicly known. So in some sense I was recognized as someone of import and that also was empowering.

What does it all mean? It means that Gaia’s ascension has shifted from crown chakra/hydrogen energies to third eye/helium energies and these are the energies of our space brothers and sisters. Our space brothers and sisters are largely rational atheists and technology buffs and they now surround us in 4th density as they work to take out the negativity that remains upon Gaia and within humanity. Ultimately they are good, but their solutions and methods are not those of the Organic Gnostics or hydrogen people. We can safely live in plain sight and not be endangered by this war that they have now taken up. As we gradually leave 3D we will be encountering and dealing with them more and more.

In real life terms we are seeing their handiwork through the purging of the internet and social media. In a way this is like ethnic cleansing and crown chakra/hydrogen types would have no part of it. But our part in this war is now done. We have influenced the outcome at the highest levels and we continue to protect our timeline so that it can’t be tampered with in a negative way. Gaia has raised her vibrations to the level where these beings can now take part in the conflict.

Realize that from this point onward the conflict with opposing forces will become smaller and more tightly focused but it will also become more violent and require more extreme measures to eradicate those whose goals and interests are not in harmony with Gaia’s new path.

We Organic Gnostics fought our battle with magic, but the rational atheists don’t believe in magic.