Gaia Ascension Update 12/12 The Last Jedi

It was actually Monday morning when I had a strange dream of two wooden wheelbarrows that I pushed up next to each other. I had no idea what was symbolic about the dream but I figured that wooden wheel barrows had something to do with Organic Gnosticism and my work. I had saved up some Steem tokens and was getting them converted so I could start an Organic Gnosticism discussion group on Steemit. (I already have an Organic Gnosticism discussion group on Facebook)

So I figured that was what the dream was about, transferring the Steem currency and starting another Organic Gnosticism forum. But when I got home I found out that the conversion rate sucked and my 10 Steem dollars only converted to something like 5.8 Steem and I needed exactly 10 to create a forum. I was annoyed and frustrated. I was blocked. What had my dream been about anyway? There was something that I needed to do. What was it?

Now my intention was to share and mingle with more people in a relaxed but meaningful way. I need more social time around people because I spend too much time alone. I had joined a local singles group in the hopes of socializing with them but the three times I forced myself to go to the bar where they were meeting for a weekly dance I literally couldn’t force myself to go up to introduce myself to the group. Something was stopping me.

In contrast last Saturday I went to a local Eckankar meeting held at the local library. This group met once every two months but it was a spiritual group that talked about dreams and sang “Huuuuuu!” It was a powerful experience that I really enjoyed and I was sharing it with other people like myself. I asked to be put on the mailing list so that I would know when the next meeting was. There was a sign up sheet and they also said they had a listing on Meetup. That evening I went online to check out local Meetup groups and there were none of interest except the Ekankar one. I suddenly had the deep realization that I wanted to be around light workers, not drunks.

Suddenly the impulse came to create my own Meetup group and I did! It was a Gaia Ascension and Light worker Meetup group that is to meet twice a month. I scheduled the first meeting for this coming Sunday. That night was the 12/12 portal and there was so much energy flowing through my body that I woke up several times totally surrounded in it. I had obviously unleashed some very powerful energies by my actions. Astral energies were flowing into the physical and energizing a new timeline for me, one that involved my new Meetup group.

At the same time my numerous blog posts about Organic Gnosticism are reaching an end. There are only a few to go. Energetically what happened was my posts were sending energy out into the astral to whoever was reading them and a point was reached where my own energies were finally coming back to me in the form of this Meetup group! My actions of posting about Organic Gnosticism online created the energy to open a timeline for something on the physical plane that was local. It was a physical manifestation of the new energies.

Tonight I see that at least two people have responded that they will be showing up! There is immense energy surrounding this! I would like to add that this is often how the energy works within the astral planes. Tension is built up until something has to manifest physically. I was open enough to be directed in the right way to the Meetup group and not to the bar crowd. It is letting the energy choose the proper place and time and the proper direction instead of using the will. Trust in the heart and things will work out the way they should!

So that was my 12/12 portal event.

Gaia’s ascension is reaching a climax and it will hit this weekend as millions of people rush out to see the new Star Wars movie, “The Last Jedi”. All of the Star Wars movies have been timed to correspond with ascension energetics of mass consciousness. This will be no exception! This is the anticipated trigger event that will ring out through the winter solstice and trigger the masses in a good way! The ascension energies are tipping over into the physical.

Over the past few months I have posted my complete understanding of the western mystery traditions in a way suitable for the modern mind to understand and accept. I sense that as the culmination of my life’s work, the reason I came into this life time was to share as much as I could in this ascension climax. Organic Gnosticism is a viable tradition that has survived in one form or another in all times and places. Now it exists today in the minds and hearts of those I have touched. That work is done.

I will still be posting but it will be a lot less and it will be more personal or even more of my translation work which I love. No more teachings. The energy is basically done for that.