Full Moon Update Christmas Miracles And Ascension Crescendo

The spiritual light energy for the coming year officially begins after the winter solstice. That’s what makes this time of year so special. Many religions have had Messiahs that were born of virgins on the winter solstice So it’s not just a Christian thing. It’s kind of symbolic because that’s when the divine light pours into the earth for the coming year.

But there are cycles within cycles and it is extremely difficult to determine exactly when a cycle begins and ends, especially when cycles overlap or don’t overlap each other. These energies require closures and new beginnings and are like water taking every possible channel to return to the ocean.

The general idea is that we are each given the exact amount of new spiritual light energy that we can absorb at the winter solstice and that energy is then gradually used up over the next twelve months. By the time the winter solstice comes around many people have run out of their given supply of spiritual light and things turn pretty dark around Christmas. Some enlightened individuals have learned how to tap into the spiritual light of Source at all times of the year and these people never run out of spiritual light. But most people can’t do this.

The Christmas miracle is when our spiritual light has run out and we receive a renewal in some surprising way just in time to avert something bad happening. It is the spiritual light energy of grace and blessing. It doesn’t come to everyone, but it comes to those that have opened their hearts to it.

Today is the super moon, the full moon of December 3rd. This full moon marks the last final compression stroke of the astral planes before the new year. If we still have a supply of spiritual light at this point, we can slide on home! If our crown chakra’s are open and functioning we can begin absorbing and taking in the spiritual light energies of the coming year 3 weeks early as a form of grace or compensation.

From now until the New Year the astral planes are not compressing but relaxing and allowing new spiritual light energy to come in. For those still with spiritual light energy left things will begin to turn around in the Christmas miracle. This absorbing of new light is at the same time casting out darkness.

Those not in alignment with the incoming energies will be negatively affected by these last few weeks of the year. Those on the way down will find their hopes dashed as the same energies that uphold others casts them down. Many energetic traps are now being sprung and the results will tell if you are on the right side of the energies or the wrong side.

Everything points toward a crescendo of incoming ascension energies that will reach their peak on the winter solstice. This last couple of weeks will see an intensity of manifestation that will leave people in shock, for good or bad. Some are rising so fast they are dizzy with excitement and others are dropping so fast they can only watch in helplessness as things slip away from them, things that they were certain of.