Female magical energy has some very definite differences from male magical energy. I’ve already mentioned that the Tantric path is very natural for the female. The female orgasm automatically floods the body and sends energy into the astral. This is one reason why females have always been accused of being witches and having the ability to do magic. They are naturally active in creative magic. From the Tantric point of view all they really have to do is prolong the edge of orgasm as long as possible. Tantra also suggests that the woman learn to use the muscles of her womb during sex to press the penis and enhance the pleasure. This is essentially the kugel exercise that pregnant women are taught. That is all old stuff. I want to share new stuff, stuff that hasn’t been shared before my knowledge.

The source of magical orgasm power in the female comes from the ovaries and womb which are located near the heart and solar plexus energy centers. For practical purposes the female orgasm includes all of these energy centers in a massive full body sensation so the heart and solar plexus also play an important part in this for the female. Often this might be such a strong feeling that it might seem the orgasm is centered in the heart itself. So orgasm for the female is very love centered and very powerful and involves more than one energy center or chakra!

Female orgasm energy will tend to fall or drop down to lower levels unless it is consciously worked with and deliberately raised to the higher energy centers. This can be achieved through conscious meditation and circulating her energy upward. This is one of the reasons why many women sink into depression. Their natural energy is drawing their awareness down unconsciously. The reason it falls is because it is a manifesting energy and seeks physical manifestation.

Male energy when mixed with female energy tends to raise the female energy and help it be more buoyant. That is because male energy is expansive and more solar in nature. A mutual working that includes male energy helps the female awareness to rise to the highest levels. In Wicca this practice is called drawing down the moon! It is also why the female often seeks a highly spiritual male partner to lift her own energies as high as possible. This is also why spiritual relationships are so important.

By itself female orgasm energy is very powerful and can be used to block something or used in self-defense by creating a magical barrier of protection around the female or those she loves. The more sexual energy generated for this purpose, the stronger the protection.

One final particular about the female is her ability to choose which energies that she will accept and which energies she will reject or block. She is extremely powerful in this ability and her magic is very strong. The female can magically choose her partner and the energies that she shares with her partner.

The male requires the female to create a space for him energetically or he will not find balance and peace. To create a space is how the female can make an empty house a home filled with love and joy. Without female love the male is empty and without love.

When the female takes in male energy and mixes it with her own it becomes plastic and can be magically worked with to create things within the astral which she desires. Her energy by itself solidifies astral creations while mixed energy allows her to magically work with them and shape them.

I’ve already mentioned how the female takes in the males energy until she is completed and her soul or Observer self is created. She then continues to take in male energy, until she becomes astrally pregnant and gives birth to an astral child which the male then embodies as his own soul body or Observer self. This is the hidden occult meaning of being born again! Females often have dreams of such babies!