Self-esteem develops gradually through productive effort and life experience. The more effort we put into life, the greater our self-esteem becomes in the end. We learn from our mistakes and we learn from our successes. We develop our self-esteem by reaching out and trying to grasp our dream and make it come real. When we help others achieve their dreams that helps our self-esteem grow stronger as well. This creates a win-win environment with tremendous creative potential to benefit all of society! This cannot be stressed strongly enough. When we support the efforts of others our own efforts are enhanced as well.

It is much easier to destroy or ridicule the creative efforts of someone else then it is to create something of our own! This creates fake self-esteem! It’s not real and it not only hurts us, it hurts society as well because it is destructive! Destruction leads to destruction and supports destruction. Creative acts lead to more creative acts and support even greater creative acts by others.

This is what life boils down to! Creation or destruction! How do you get your self-esteem?