Everything Affects Everything Else

Another basic of chaos theory is that all things are interconnected and affect each other in a cumulative way. A minor incident may cause a more profound change in the outcome of events than ever previously considered. The efforts of one man or woman can change the world!

The classic statement about chaos theory goes something like this. The wind from the wings of a butterfly in Japan will affect the weather in Kansas! While this could theoretically be true there are a lot of dampening factors that need to be taken into consideration. This includes the elasticity of the astral planes and how they resist change.

For example, the lunar cycle alternately compresses and then expands the astral planes in a way that pumps the astral fluid through the connections that we create. If we don’t inject the enough energy into the astral planes daily our energy simply bleeds away. If we generate enough energy to overcome the resistance and elasticity of the astral planes we can create new circuits that will draw new things to us! It would need to be a pretty big butterfly! But it could happen!

All efforts are cumulative and everything does add to the pressurization of events within the astral planes one way or another.

Events are seen as being caused by lots of little things instead of having just one or two large causes. As this type of thinking leads to infinite regression type questions we don’t want to explore it any further. Just admit it could be possible.