Etheric Planes Activation

This is the summer for magic! What happens when the paranormal becomes the new norm? We are going to be finding out this summer as Gaia’s ascension process enters the completion phase. I’ve been following Gaia’s ascension since before 2010 and writing about it as I’ve experienced it.

It began with a timeline in the highest astral planes and has gradually worked its way downward through all the various levels in a massive battle for a new future for Gaia and all life upon her. I remember it passing through the mental levels, the upper emotional levels, the lower emotional levels and in these past few years the etheric levels.

Well, the war in heaven is over and the spillage is flowing into our physical world! It is the lowest astral levels, the etheric planes, where so called paranormal experiences happen. They don’t happen in the imaginative mental planes, or the emotional astral planes…they happen at the absolute lowest levels of human experience and those are the levels that are now being activated!

Physical reality is being absorbed into non-physical reality and merging in a new unified structure that spans all levels of human experience. That which can’t be absorbed will be cast out…

The paranormal is becoming the new norm and those who don’t recognize this will find themselves caught in a technological nightmare of their own creation. It is organic life that must survive, not technology. Rational atheists will be confronted by the need to expand science to include non-physical dimensions and spiritual experience. The paranormal can be explained and supported through science…it exists and will not be denied!

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