Emergence Of Patriarchy

Today we are going to talk about the emergence of patriarchy and the male dominated religions. In our search for true Gnosticism and true mysticism it is important to mention that no Gnostic texts predate Christianity. I find that very interesting. What happened during the time period from about 1000 BC to the birth of Christ?

Several things were happening. One of them was the demise of goddess based religions, along with the rise of patriarchal religions, and this was tied in very strongly with the invention of reading and writing.

That was because reading and writing involved an evolutionary leap in human thinking. To understand written words and concepts needed imagination. You needed to be using your brain in an entirely new way because you needed to literally create an imaginary world, a world inside your head that reflected what the words were about.

You couldn’t just look around you and tell what was written down because that’s not how worked. You had to visualize and understand the words in a way that had not existed before. And one of the things that happened during this phase was the development of a sense of self, a sense of ego, by some people. In psychology. we talk about, the Observer self or the watcher.

Not everyone can do this but some people can. This includes me. There is an Observer self and part of me watches another part of me act out a dream and and I’ve even had that Observer self notice other versions of myself! What we are talking about is the evolutionary creation of this watcher or Observer self. It was a very exciting thing that happened because suddenly people began talking about the soul, the immortality of the soul and life and the continuation of awareness after death.

This had never happened before that. Before reading and writing all that people were doing was worshiping the goddess who brought forth life. We died and then we were born again.

Now for the first time they were latching onto this concept of life after death. Life without a physical body! 1900 BC was the time of classic paganism In Greece, pantheism in India and Brahmanism. The first beginning concepts of reincarnation or transmigration of the soul was between 900 and 800 BC.

700 BC to 600 BC the Vedas were completed in India and these are considered some of the earliest religious writings. These writings were believed to be expressions of things that were literally seen or experienced by masters, in other words, there was nothing theoretical about them and they were represented as reality.

We have Buddha around 500 BC, and I might add a note here that the sixth century BC was the high point of human wisdom because during that century we had Confucius, Buddha, Zoroaster, the Jewish prophets in addition to the Greek poets, artists and scientists. All of these things seemed to be happening around that one time and they were all swirling around this concept of reading and writing.

Between 500 BC and 450 BC “Prometheus Bound” was written, and now we are beginning to see a split between the organic Gnostics or true mystics and the rational atheists who believed in logic and reason, and did not believe in life after death, or the spiritual realms at all.

Lastly on this timeline we have the library at Alexandria was destroyed by fire in 47BC, So this time frame. loosely speaking, shows the transition from goddess oriented civilizations to patriarchal civilizations.

Something that’s not mentioned very often is that It also represents a shift from religions or spirituality that celebrate life to religions that celebrate death; religions that celebrate the afterlife of the disembodied soul. For the first time the things of the physical world are looked at as simple and unclean.

Instead you begin hearing about the divine feminine, as Sophia and the marriage of the soul with the higher self, This was the point where people started going into their heads instead of their hearts. Everything became spiritual and mental, philosophical, and getting further away from the heart.

What’s important here is that we can actually see where suddenly instead of a celebration of life, religion became a celebration of death.

Zoroastrianism is one of the first religions that involved monotheistic beliefs, the belief in one source supreme source. The Egyptians also under Pharaoh Ahknaton believed in one solar deity as God. Moses got the belief of one God from the Egyptians because he was trained in the Egyptian temples. He was raised by an Egyptian princess as her own son and went to the Egyptian temples during this time in history.

All of these new religions were dominated by males!