The dream world or astral world is physically real and created from the earth’s magnetic field energy. It is created from the inductive portion of a huge resonant circuit with the physical earth itself forming the capacitive portion of the circuit.

The dream world or astral world is a counterpart to the physical and functions in an inverse manner. Dewey Larson’s reciprocal theory is a general field theory that explains these two interconnected universes. He calls them the space/time universe and the time/space universe. In the physical world we have individual physical bodies. In the astral world we are all part of each other and a part of all that exists.

An astral body of mine can be in someone else’s dreams without my being aware of it. Someone else may be in my dream and not be aware of it. In dreams bits of our awareness leave our sleeping bodies and travel the magnetic ley lines or astral worlds surrounding the earth.

In our dreams an energy cord is connected or severed. That is the purpose of the dream, to alter the circuit that exists in the astral world in a subtle way. Dreams alter a circuit and then allow energy to pass through the dream. When the energy ceases to flow the dream ends. A dream is a discharge of energy between two physical things that are connected through astral cords.

Physical bodies generate and store energy like batteries. This energy is discharged through astral cords or magnetic flux lines. If I appear in someone else’s dream I will retain a connection with my physical body even if I am not aware of being in the dream.

My physical body stores the energy charge that has been built up throughout the day. My physical body acts as a battery that stores energy. Because of the energy transfer that occurs in dreams my physical body will either have more energy in the morning or it will have less energy. What I am saying is that dreams are real and reflect an actual energy transfer and alteration of the circuitry that exists within the astral world.

Nightmare dreams reflect situations in which the energy flow is going against us and where it is stronger than our own reserves. It reflects a serious physical situation that is not in our control and an area that we are trying to repress or avoid dealing with. In these situations our energy is destroyed as it contacts the opposing energy and we have a dream that is out of control and frightening. We experience weakness and loss of energy and a draining of vitality. .