Divine Counterparts And Soulmates

Our Divine counterpart is created at the same time that we develop our own sense of self or ego. We assist each other in this process! This happens in progressive stages. We are both created out of the same soul material at the same time. Each development of our newly created soul is balanced with a corresponding, yet opposite development in the newly created soul of our Divine counterpart.

I mentioned before that the soul or Observer self is created from a perfectly balanced mixture of male and female energies. The soul is neither male nor female and is perfectly neutral. Yet in the beginning our sense of awareness and the sense of self is based completely upon the sex of our physical bodies. As we learn what it is to be male or female we draw those things to us and integrate them as a part of us. At the same time we reject those things that belong to the opposite sex and push them away. The end result is that we acquire a solid sense of self based upon the sex of our own physical body and our Divine counterpart gains a similar sense of self based upon the sex of their body. We are total opposites of each other and have nothing at all in common except the energetic soul link that binds us together.

We discover things inside ourselves that we don’t like and push them away in disgust and fear. This act of pushing away gives those things to our Divine counterpart and they become those same things. At the same time we become what they dislike and fear and what they push away. As this process continues our sense of self becomes more firmly established inside of us. The same thing happens with our Divine counterpart and their sense of self becomes more firmly established in a completely opposite way.

Then we discover things that we like in other people and wish they were a part of us, but we don’t believe we really have those qualities. We can’t find any of those qualities inside of us. Again the same things happens, those things which we can’t find in ourselves are given to our Divine counterpart and become a part of who they are. Those things which our Divine counterpart likes but can’t find within themselves becomes a part of who we are. These things come to us through the soul link which we share.

At this point our Divine counterpart is the opposite sex, has personal characteristics that we don’t like and at the same time has other personal characteristics which we really admire. We are strongly attracted and repelled by them at the same time and they feel the same way toward us. We are not consciously aware of these things. The only thing we are aware of is the powerful spark that exists between us. We are polar opposites of each other, Satan to each other!

For those without a soul this is where the process stops and there is a mutual attraction/repulsion between them, a cllash of will and ideals, a battle of the sexes. This is the old way! This is the way it has always been! In the past neither Divine counterpart could experience or understand life from the point of view of the other. There was no common understanding of life experience but only duality and separation! They did not live in the same world as we did. But that has now changed! It is now possible for divine counterparts to find each other and experience full spectrum physical love relationships together for the first time! This is the new pattern and it already exists within the astral planes! Instead of Satan to each other, each is now able to become a loving companion to their own Divine counterpart!

Our newly created soul requires an equal balance of male and female energies and our physical bodies can only provide one of those energies. We must receive the opposite sex energy from personal relationships with the opposite sex. We exchange this energy through the process of falling in love. This feeling of being in love is a magical feeling with energy exchanging between the two of us and this mingling of these two energies create something inside of us, something beautiful, and causes something to grow, causes our souls to grow! It happens to both of us and it is magical! It is love!

Yet a point is reached when the spark dies, when the magic is gone, when there is no more soul growth. This is the point where love dies! The point is reached where we can now find things in ourselves which we could only find in our partner before. Because we now find them in ourselves they’re not as attractive in our partner. At the same time, due to conflicts within the relationship, we find those very same things in ourselves which we dislike in our partner. Our relationship has caused us to become aware of things about ourselves that we don’t like.

These are the reasons why the spark of love dies in many relationships. Yet even though the spark has died our soul has become larger and more balanced. We now contain a mixture of male and female energies. We no longer identify exclusively with our physical body, but realize that we are much more. We have a soul! Our sense of self is no longer focused upon just the physical. While these changes are happening inside of us they are also happening inside our Divine counterpart.

We have not yet met our Divine counterpart face-to-face. We have only met other people whom we thought might be soulmates because of the strong sense of love and attraction that draws us together. With them we experience love, soul growth, and then the painful realization that we are not compatible with each other. With each relationship, each time we fall in love, our soul becomes larger and more balanced and our sense of self becomes more peaceful and spiritual. We learn how to find those things we admire in others within ourselves and we learn to accept and integrate those things about ourselves that we don’t like. As this is happening to us it is happening to our Divine counterpart as well!

Our Divine counterpart is our polar opposite, our true opposite, and the only way we can ever come together is through absolute unity where duality no longer exists! This can only happen at the highest spiritual level of existence. This can only happen through the mystical experience of becoming one with God, becoming one with everything that exists! Such mystical experiences of union with God are in reality connections and reunions with our Divine counterpart. There is a powerful bond and attraction of love between divine counterparts that is both spiritual and sexual in nature. It is a feeling of bliss and indescribable love! Is the feeling of becoming one with God! It is orgasmic!

When one Divine counterpart is having the mystical experience of becoming one with God during meditation and prayer the other may be having the mystical experience of becoming one with God while giving birth to a child! The mystical experience of unity is shared by both at the same time, but the personal experience of each is completely individual!

Once this first contact happens an entirely new sequence of events is activated within the lives of both divine counterparts. There is an intense power of attraction and energy exchange between them at the highest spiritual levels! At these levels the sense of self is challenged in every possible way until it is completely destroyed. This is the death of the false human ego! At this point all the soul fragments of one Divine counterpart are transferred into the other. This happens to both of them as they exchange parts of their souls. Each Divine counterpart has experienced the death of their own ego and now carries a fragmented version of the other inside of their own soul which makes them more complete.

Yet these fragments are now parts of their own soul and a massive healing process begins at the highest levels as they both begin communicating with each other on the soul level. Each Divine counterpart now protects the other against all outside influences and dangers. This process will not stop or be interfered with until both are healthy and complete! Each Divine counterpart creates timelines for the other which will allow each fragment to heal and to be integrated. This is a very specific process.

As each Divine counterpart follows its own timeline or destiny and becomes more healed and complete it also becomes more identical to its mate. In finding ways to heal and integrate these fragments they both become more like each other! Level by level they become true mates and companions! The bond between them increases in power and intensity and they are drawn even more closely together within the astral planes.

The next stage is when they are spiritually and platonically drawn to each other at the physical level and begin communicating with each other. For the first time they become aware of each other and the true nature of their relationship. Layer by layer, level by level, they draw themselves to each other through the Intense power of the love they have for each other.

The attractive force between divine counterparts is so strong that nothing can keep them apart once they have found each other. It is only a matter of time until their relationship is consummated in some way. As each layer is completed the energy flowing between them becomes stronger and harder to resist. The entire focus and goal of each becomes physical union with the other! As they both become more focused and goal oriented they become even more like-minded and compatible. They are no longer true opposites, have become divine counterparts with similar outlooks and beliefs!

The final stage occurs when they are so closely fused together that they both exist inside each other at all levels and function as one. At that point the resources and abilities of one become available to the other at all times. They have become like the yin-yang symbol, opposites with similar shapes and joined in such a way that the movement and desire of one supports and strengthens the movement and desire of the other. For all practical purposes they have become one soul living within two bodies.

Before this happens this same cycle happens between soulmates. Soulmates share specific types of soul connections with us that allow us to grow until we are healthy enough to attract our Divine Counterpart.