We all began as divine sparks of light or photons. Through the evolutionary process we have been forced to grow through many stages. We did this through quantum leaps into new energy systems. At the completion of the photon cycle we made a quantum leap into rotating magnetic field energy. The photon began to rotate and its rotation was a spiral outward and a spiral inward. The outward spiral was magnetic north energy and the inward spiral was magnetic South energy. Occult practice calls these spirals of energy cones of power with the ability to attract or repel.

Magnetic field energy acts as a vortex. North Pole vortexes are expansive and scatter the energy in an expansive motion. The effect is one of taking focused energies and dispersing them or banishing them. Because of its outward expansive nature North Pole energy is considered a male energy. It is associated with pure light energy. As photon waves hit physical objects expansive North Pole energies lead to expansion, growth and aging.

South Pole vortexes are constrictive and tend to focus energies and increase power. Electrons hit physical objects and as they are absorbed these constrictive South Pole energies lead to restriction and permanence or stability. South Paul magnetic energy is seen as female energy. Male energy is expansive, female energy is attractive.

The union of North and South magnetic forces is seen as the resolution of paradox. This happens at the critical point where North Pole energies and South Pole energies combine together and stabilize as a rotating sphere such as an atom or the earth itself. The resolution is the quantum leap into a new state of being.

In practice, photon driven North Pole vortexes create needed growth and expansion and the returning South Pole vortexes ensure stability and the flow of electrical life force. This gives life and nature it’s cyclical aspect. These lesser cycles terminate in the master cycle of death and total physical disintegration followed by rebirth into a new type of energy or life form that is an octave higher.

This explains some of the effects of magnetic field energy in our world today. But in the beginning our world did not yet exist. Instead the central photon driven system at the center of our unformed galaxy simply generated an outward vortex pulse that reached its outer limit and collapsed in an inward vortex only to be met by the next outward vortex pulse and so on. Just like the evolution of the photon. Can you see in this imagery the beginning of the spiraling forces that create an entire galaxy?

This electromagnetic energy is commonly known to us as radio pulses. The central system began to generate radio signals reaching out into space in all directions. The creation of electromagnetic radio frequencies and signals was the second master cycle. The oldest photons were forced to become radio signals of greater and greater complexity.

At the end of the second master cycle the vortex energy reached a critical point where the system once against failed and this time the vortexes combined to form rotating spheres of energy. This was the resolution of the paradox. The system was now creating atoms of physical matter.